The Office Stylist

I have known The Office Stylist, Sayeh for a long time now. She has impeccible taste and can make event the tiniest office look like a dream. Her makeovers are a must see. This week she provides style tips to add bold color to your office. Sayeh Says: If you are ever hesitant to use a bold color in your office space, try testing the color in little doses. For example, you can incorporate the color in your office accessories. This is a great way to see if you are willing to incorporate the color on a larger scale. 1. A Bold Seating Choice - Looking to add a bold color in your space? Try incorporating the color with a large ottoman or side chair. 2. Bright Storage Containers - Every office nee

Sabina Knows

Everyone needs motivation. Sometimes it is not easy going it alone, you need that extra attention, the extra push to take your business or life to the next level. I knew when I started my fashion styling business Bella Dawn after sometime passed, I needed assistance to create more buzz. I was working with Mastin Kipp of the Daily Love (more on that on another post) for weekly coaching sessions to grow myself personally. At one point I remember saying, "I just want to be happy and successful." He asked, "what would you need to do to define success in your career?" I said, "more TV appreances as a fashion expert." He proceeded to said, "I might just have the PR person to help." I will connect

Beachcomber in Newport

For the ambiance alone The Beachcomber, Crystal Cove in Newport Beach is a must for a step back into time. As you walk up the sweet little bungalows are reminiscent of photos from the 1950's of people partying on the beach. The restaurant literally on the beach serves up fresh cocktails and classic American fair. To avoid the hour and a half wait we decided to sit at the bar facing the beach and have a few appetizers. A delicious grilled artichoke with lemon aioli, chicken skewers with peanut sauce, and breadsticks as you can see by the photo that were less like a stick and more like a bread stack. Frank Sinatra played in the background as we indulged. My next trip back to Newport, you know

Attract Your Best Life with Oprah & Deepak

A few months ago Denise and I signed up for the free 21 day meditation from Oprah and Deepak Chopra. It was so motivating to do it together. Oprah opens each days meditation with a little explaination. Then Deepak prceeds with the meditation and music for about 15 minutes. It is a wonderful way to get started if you haven't tried meditation before. For those who have been meditating it takes it to the next level of concentration. November 3rd starts the next one called Energy of Attraction manifesting your best life. The soothing sounds a wonderful way to start the day or end the night. Join along with Denise and I we can keep each other accountable. Time to manifest the life of your dreams

3 Easy Workouts to Add to Your Fitness Routine

BOSU Forearm Plank: With the BOSU placed directly in front of you place your forearms on the top of the BOSU (center of the dome) and get into plank position. Keep your shoulders over your elbows while keeping your butt down, your body should be in a straight alignment from head to heels. Hold this position for one minute. Wrist Rotations: Using a 2-5lb dumbbell extend your arms straight out in front of you shoulder width apart. With your palms facing down twist your wrists upward so that your palms are facing up. This movement concentrates on the forearm adding definition and strength to your arms. Continue until the point of fatigue or 8-12 reps for 3 sets. Calf Raises: This exercise can

Wisdom 2.0

The other day I attended my first (and definitely not my last) Wisdom 2.0 conference on Mindfulness and Leadership in Business, and the only word that can describe how I felt after the day was over is enlightened. The meeting took place in an open space in the Altman Building located in the Chelsea area of New York City. The audience was filled with people yearning for social engagement, personal development, and learning how to create a better way of living for those around them, particularly at work. This conference on innovation, mindfulness and purpose- driven work is only the tip of the iceberg to what direction our world is moving in to. People want to be happy and healthy. People

Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs

Whether you are adding it to your smoothies or indulging in an after dinner snack Cacao Nibs are packed with several health benefits like antioxidants that can offer healthier longer life! Cacao Nibs are made from the beans from the Theobroma cacao tree. The nibs are less refined than chocolate liquor or cocoa powder making it more potent in nutritional value. Benefits broken down: Tons of flavonoid content, so what does that mean exactly? Flavonoids are antioxidants found in berries, grapes and tea. It’s been said to help prevent cancer and brain ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. Cacao beans are great source of magnesium, which aid in muscle and nerve function. They are ideal for adding

Tap Your Way To Wellness

I recently started "tapping" or the proper term EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique, in essence it is a way to re-wire your brain as Nick Ortner from the Tapping Solution puts it. Tapping simply allows you to take anything like feelings of anxiety, troubles with weight, physical pains or deep emotions from the past and move them out of the body. This is done by using a simple series of taps on the body's energy meridians. Tapping is a method rooted from Chinese acupuncture. It really gets to the core of our beliefs. It takes things that might be holding us back or troubling us and moves them out of our body and mind. We are able to create a new reality without all the old emotions and broken

Official Launch of with Bloomingdales

Denise and I were head over heels when Bloomingdales Short Hills offered to host the official launch of our site Live The Glamour ! The night was filled with our passion for fashion, beauty, wellness, and fitness. We had special guest and feature fitness writer for the site Nadia Murdock providing a short 10 minute live fitness routine for guests. There was a necklace and nail bar. Guest were able to create thier own crystal stone necklace and have their nails polished the latest colors. Denise provided her tips on the best berry shades for Fall. She also showed how to get super soft skin this winter with a DIY pumpkin scrub, so good you could eat (literally). I provided my tips and tricks

Cool Girl Sunglasses That Giveback

Etnia Barcelona sunglasses have been spotted on all the cool Hollywood girls like Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, and Isla Fisher. We love that the limited edition Wild Love in Africa Collection is not only chic but 100% eco-friendly. To top that off they collaborate with the NGo Africa Rising Foundation byt donating 2% of global sales. Collaborating with famous photographer Steve McCurry (known for the infamous ‘Afghan Girl’ image which graced the cover of National Geographic in 1985) The Wild Love in Africa collection is inspired by the African Savanna and its textures, reproducing the color of wood, zebra hair, giraffe skin and horns. The eco-friendly acetate frames are designed b

Fall Beauty Must : Berry Lips

This fall add some color to your beautiful face by applying your favorite berry shade. Berry shades are great because they can be very versatile. For fair skin, choose a shade that is slightly darker but sheer and dab into lips with your finger. Medium or olive skin tones should choose a truer berry or cranberry. For dark skin, pick a deep wine color that doesn’t blend in with skin tone. Choose one that stand out a bit, be bold! To go with your new lip shade keep your skin flawless with some concealer and tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation. In health & happiness, Denise #beauty #denise

DIY Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Discover the hidden health benefits of pumpkins, both inside and out. Make this delicious body scrub before you throw away all those gooey pumpkin parts. Pumpkins are one of the most nutritional foods available. They are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, C & E, and minerals. This scrub will provide health-boosting, disease-fighting nutrients including Alpha and Beta-carotene. Now that summer is over and fall is in full swing we need more exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells and help the underlying skin absorb all the moisture it can get. What better way than to use the season’s best orange gourd to get amazing skin?! This natural pumpkin scrub will help restore and reverse skin

Fall Fashion

Fall is the perfect time to infuse new pieces into your wardrobe. Get inspired by the runway. The key is to use designer styles to upate last years wardrobe. These essential tips are your easy guide to wearing the runway looks in a real way. Get inspired by the 60's with sweet swing dresses. Easy to wear and layer with cropped jackets and heels. Spotted a few fabulous styles by Ted Baker and Rebecca Taylor. Debating what your next cozy coat will be? Take a cue from your bathrobe with a "robe" style coat. Think slightly oversized wider sleeves and matching belt in calf length Mixing knits is not your Grandmother's style any more. Look for maxi length natural tone skirts and matching fitted sw

Nadia Murdock Fit 10 Minute Workout

Sometimes we let a lack of time get in the way of our fitness plans, but I’ve got a simple, fast workout that will eliminate that obstacle from your life. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to get a great workout that will get you moving towards a fitter, healthier body. In fact, I can help you do it in just about ten minutes. Here’s how: Warm Up: 30 Second Jumping Jacks 30 Second High Knees Plank Twists: Begin in plank position on your hands, keeping your buttock down while keeping your body in a straight line. Make sure your shoulders are aligned with your hands in order to achieve proper form. While bending your elbows take your opposite knee to elbow alternating on each side. Do

Relax in The Lange, Piedmont Italy

Each day many of us live the routine. Our lives revolve around our work or household responsibilities. When we complete our task then we may have some time for a family activity or ourselves. Most of us will delay for years a significant holiday or time off. We fail to credibly recharge or to spend some recreation time with friends or those we most enjoy. Well consider this, the routine can be a little less burdensome. There is a way to feel somewhat more fulfilled. We must allow ourselves moments in time to daydream and devise a plan for an exciting journey abroad.The body and mind will find excitement just by creating an intention. “Intentions rule” and often they become reality. Is it you

Vacation with a Purpose

I have been a member of Tone It Up since 2009 and cannot express how much I LOVE this community of strong, intelligent, women! Tone It Up is not only a place where women can find fitness videos and recipes but place women can go to relate to, a place where they can be supported, a place for inspiration and motivation. I am constantly referring to their nutrition plan for healthy recipes, tips, workouts and overall motivation to help me succeed at living my best life, so it was no surprise when I immediately hopped on the opportunity to attend Tone It Up’s first ever fitness retreat this year in Newport Beach, California. I suppose you could call it a vacation with a mind, body, soul purpose.
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