8 Tips for Health & Balanced Travel with Dr. Raj

If you are headed out for the holidays it is essential to keep your body healthy and blanced. It will not only keep your feeling good but others around you will be influenced by your good spirit. Dr. Raj helps us with her top 8 tips for meditating to loading up on probiotics. Meditating has helped me on a daily basis, stay focused and mor productive. I wouldnt leave my house, especially while traveling without my probiotics. Stay well and look bright eyed for this wonderful time of the year. Load up on probiotics. To boost your immune system this season, incorporate foods rich in probiotics into your diet, such as yogurt with live active cultures available in most airport concessions. Studie

You Matter..Kinda

I have lived my life by one simple belief - you matter. Whether you are a stranger I meet on the street, an organization I help in my business or a friend I have known for years, I hold a belief that you make a difference. You make a difference to your family, to your friends, to your communities, and to the world. You just do. You may not know it, or believe it, or ever see proof of it, but it is a truth. You matter and have an impact on the world. But, here is the cruel twist of life. You are also incredibly insignificant. In fact, you probably have no idea just how insignificant you are. The other truth of life is that you are little more than a speck of dust aimlessly floating around the

Handbag Designer 101

Courty Cobra (Shown) I'm a huge fan of supporting new designers. Over the past few years I had the opportunity to be a part of the Handbag Designer Awards. It is a special awards event to discover new handbag designers from around the world. If you're not familiar with the awards, you should be. It was started over seven years ago by the brilliant Emily Blumenthal. It is amazing for newbie brands since it allows anyone from all over the world to enter their handbag design for a chance to win. At the very least be seen. Designers submit their designs and then are judged by fashion industry insiders. This gives them a further chance to be featured in magazines and other press. For some win

What's On Your Face

Over the past few years we have been paying much more attention to our skincare and beauty products. Since our skin is our largest organ, what we are putting on it matters. I noticed some of my favorite brands were full of ingredients I could barely pronounce. It became apparent if I am eating organic and trying to keep my body clean, the beauty products had to change. I came across a recent article on Fashionista.com that makes it easy to switch out the old beauty for the new more natural brands. This without compromising quality. Give it a try and let us know what new "better for you" products you find. Kisses Dawn #dawn #beauty

“From Southern Belle to Beverly Hills Socialite: Manners and Etiquette for All”

By Featured Guest ~ Lisa Gache I automatically assume everyone heralding from the south is polite and cordial. The moment babies are old enough to formulate their first words ‘mama’ and ‘dada,’ they simultaneously learn the differential responses, “yes ma’am” and “yes sir.” Respect and civility are held in the highest regard adding to the endless southern charm. The antithesis, some might say, of what is revered in our little mecca of Beverly Hills where excess and entitlement plague our minds along with our streets. Not to fret. Whether raised as a Southern belle or a Beverly Hills socialite, good manners and etiquette level the playing field. Regardless of where you hail from or what your

Orgonite Pyramids

I've been really into crystals lately. My cousin Michael was actually one of the first people to give me a crystal. After he filled me in a bit on how they work I started doing more research. I picked up a few more since then. I've found ones that relate to different chakras. Other's that have simply amazing healing properties. Just this week I came across what is known as an Orgonite pyramid, made up of a variety of metals and crystals. I purchased this one on Etsy shop Jade Energy. I was so excited when it arrived. It's so pretty all the layers of colors. Aside from that, the stones are rose quartz, moonstone, sandstone, pink botswana, agate, selenite powder, and Arkansas quartz. Handma
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