Tapping Into The New Year

I spoke a little bit about my experience with tapping a month ago here. I thought, to get the New Year started off on the right foot I would look for a sweet meditation to do. As I search I discovered this quick 14 minute tapping meditation with Jessica Ortner. It opens the mind to the "What If" possibilities in your life. There is even time to pause the recording and jot down ideas that might pop into your head. It seems like the perfect begining to 2015. Kisses Dawn #inspire #dawn

French Is Beautiful

I took French back in High School. I will not say the year. I adored it. Although at the time in High School I was not focused on learning the intricate parts of grammar and subtle nuances. After many years of working in fashion I always found myself around French speaking people. I dreamt of speaking the language and having elegant words roll off my tongue the same way. I spent time traveling to Paris and the South of France hoping to pick up the language while on vacation and for work. I always seemed to return home with only the basics like "Bonjour, Merci, and Je ne sais pas." I search for online classes since my work schedule doesn't allow for much class time. I just never seemed to fin

Good Vibe Gift

All year long is a good time to pay it forward but this time of the year especially. It is a way to literally change the way we see the world around us. It creates a chain reaction that can spread far beyond what we know. Jason Silva vividly explains how "Paying it Forward" makes us "crucial players" in what will happen in our future. We can take one simple action like a smile or showing gratitude and essentially affect the entire landscape of our culture. So this season, what are the good vibes that you are going to give? #dawn #inspire

The Essentials : White Button Down Blouse

One of the most versitle and essential item everyone woman should have in their closet is a classic white button down. It can be worn with many different looks. Keep it stylish with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a few bangles and a chunky necklace. For a corporate sophisticated look pair the crisp blouse with a pencil skirt and heels. Try a dress up Carolina Herrera style, pairing it with a ball gown skirt or for an amazing, edge look try a sweet ballerina tulle skirt. Finally to keep it casual for a Sunday afternoon pair the white button down with leggings and ballet flats. I love having a few different styles in a white button down, one with a ruffle, longer length or a puffed s

Holiday Party Style

The time of the year is here again, where lovely invitations for swank cocktail parties, corporate office celebrations, sweet family gatherings and black tie soiree’s are popping up in our in boxes, real mailboxes and Facebook messages. Which, also means knowing the keys to picking out just the right styles for each type of party. Dresses are easy pieces that do all the work for you, with shoulder crystal details, lacy fabrics, and pretty prints, slip into one, put on your heels, and walk out the door effortlessly chic. Office parties can be tricky, a classy and modest look is always best. Dresses with a retro print feeling are on trend and are work appropriate with a cap sleeve. Holida

The Power of The Subconscious Mind

There is so much to learn about our subconscious and how it works. Each day I continue to find new research on how important it really is. Practices like Reiki, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and TCM ( traditional chinese medicine) are simple ways to begin awakening our subconscious. Below is a video featuring Gregg Braden on the power of the subconscious mind. From a scientific point of view it is ecellent to hear it explained and how it is being applied in eastern societies. Kisses Dawn #inspire #dawn

100 Good Deeds

It feels good to do good. Helping other's just feels right, it touch us to the core. Designer Mary Fisher has created a playful way to remind ourselves of the little good deeds we can do each day. The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet is a unique ‘gift that gives back’. The bracelets are bothcharitable and fashionable and have been spotted on the wrists of celebrity ambassadors Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts, Cyndi Lauper and more. Mary Fisher (artist, author, advocate) works with at-risk women in Africa and worldwide, designing jewelry made by the women to earn a dignified livelihood. She launched the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet, a handcrafted collection symbolizing a commitment t

Nadia Murdock Fit Holiday Survival Tips

During the holiday time of year it can be easy to forget what you have been working so hard for all year round...a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! Nadia Murdock Fit has shared three sure fire tips for the holiday season that will help you train your mind and change your body even when apple pie and yummy cocktails are at your fingertips regularly. Remember to breathe: Trying to please everyone, buying holiday gifts and preparing an impressive holiday get together can stress out anyone! Instead of self-medicating with a strong cocktail or a double fudge brownie take a moment to separate yourself from the madness and remember to breathe. If you have been thinking about adding meditation or yoga to your

3D Printed Jewelry American Pearl

We have been hearing the term 3D printing coming up more often lately. I only ever thought of it in terms of techy type products like small parts for equipment. You can only imagine my surprise when I heard about a jewelry company called American Pearl doing 3D printed fine jewelry. Could this really be? I had to see in real life. When my pretty pink pearl ring arrived in the most lovely box, I opened it excitedly. As I examined it, it was perfect complete with engraving on the inside. I little reminder to "Live the Glamour." The 3D printing process allows for better quality because of a more precise design. Complex pieces with multiple parts fit perfectly. Rather than having to choose fr
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