You Don't Have To Stand On Your Head

I always wanted to master the ability to do handstands. They just seem like so much fun and an expression of strength and balance. However, before I could do a handstand, I decided I should probably master a headstand. I felt it was a stepping stone since you have to be upside down for both. And I decided to master this one step at a time. First I would master headstands using the wall as a support, then I would master free-standing headstands, and finally I would move on to handstands. I accomplished the first step pretty easily. I gave myself 3 months to figure it out, but I had it down inside of a week. I felt quite confident knowing the wall was always there to support and "catch" me.

Get Beautiful Skin with The Dew Puff

It's time to take care of YOU! Taking care of your skin is so important for so many reasons. Some want to look youthful for as long as possible (me included), some just want to stay clear of any skin problems (me included). Whatever your reason, I would like to introduce to you...drum roll please... The Dew Puff Sponge! The Dew Puff is a great alternative to your regular facial washcloth (if you use one). This sponge is soft and gentle, yet provides plant fibers that help to exfoliate and refresh the skin. The sponge is made from the root of the konjac plant found in Asia. It is known in Japan for its medicinal qualities for delicate skin. It has a natural ability to break down dirt and pro

Black Diamond Meditation {Carole Shashona}

I was invited to meet jewely designer Carole Shashona and preview her latest "Black Diamond" collection at Barneys New York. Barney's is already one of my favorite stores to shop for luxurious accessories, I was excited to see what this collection had in store. As I walked over I saw some of the jewels sparkling. Carole was explaining how she started the collection after a career in Feng Shui. As I learned she had partnered with Louise Hay and Barbara Brennan to create the center of living in NY it was as if the universe brought me here to meet her. If you know me over the past few years I have been on a journey of true awakening. Blending fashion and spirtual connectedness have been an intr

Katie Design Jewelry

I love adding new pieces to my jewelry collection each season. It is important for each piece to have meaning wether from a loved one or the piece itself. Designer Katie Scott​ creates jewels that speak to a larger human experience. The wonder of the natural world and an embrace of the human spirit. With pieces inspired by all religions and corners of the universe. What a perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather by layer, stack, combine, and re-combine her styles. Part of the beauty of​ the​ design​s​ is they all work with different styles and forms, while retaining that essential earthly quality that defines us.​ Katie's ​rosary bangles with black and white diamonds are a perfect illustr
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