5 Ways to Wear A Scarf

As it starts to get cooler out scarves become a go to accessory. They work in so many ways from keeping us a little warmer to styling up an outfit. Here are my 5 top ways to wear your favorite scarf. 1. Worn as a headscarf turban style quick for hiding a bad hair day. 2. Knotted neck scarf worn to look like a necklace or with a necklace weaved in perfect for accessorizing. 3. Choose a larger style to wear as a cape over shoulders. 4. Wrist wrap for a sleek accessory and quick access to your scarf 5. Belted to add color to a pair of wide leg pants or dress up and give structure to a sheath dress #fashion #dawn

Enchanting Oils of Life

I walked into one of the most enchanting roof top parties I have ever been to in NYC. It was for The Body Shop's launch of Oils of Life and Spa of the World products. Held at Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel it was like a tropical hideaway far from home. I was given a personalized card guiding me step by step on a path to experience luxurious body oils and opulent scents. My hands were bathed in milky oils and cleaned with a hot towel. I wondered around cocktail in hand taking in the scene. Oils of Life were slowly poured onto my skin to simply feel the pure lavishness. I then sat in a gilded gold chair to learn more about the precious ingredients. Jennifer Hirsch, a beauty botanist enli

6 DIY Hair Treatments to Detox, Nourish & Strengthen

"Heading to the salon is a sweet little luxury but your fridge and pantry can provide a plenty of delectable ingredients that will nourish and rejuvenate your hair, as well," explains Wendy Rose Gould beauty expert for hair tutorial and advice site www.Latest-Hairstyles.com. "From mashed bananas to blended carrots to strawberries, fenugreek seeds and beyond, chances are you have many of these ingredients at your immediate disposal. Snack on some, of course, but also put them atop your head as DIY hair treatments that make for glorious, glorious hair." DIY Hair Treatment Recipe Instructions: Carrot Detox Either finely shred your carrot by hand, or put it in a blender to break it down. Combine

Keep Your Summer Glow

We, well I, spend so much time lathering on lotions, SPF's, makeup etc. that it can take a real toll on your complexion. So, to help combat imperfections and other flaws, once a week I take a night (usually Sunday) out to just tend to my skin. I exfoliate, cleanse and use this charcoal mask from Origins to deep clean the pores and really get it feeling fresh and SO clean. You can see more on this fab mask on DIVAlicious.nyc and some other ways to get (or maintain) gorgeous skin. With great skin you don't need much makeup, actually the less makeup you wear the more youthful you look. So,with summer winding down and less time in the sun you don't have to lose that coveted glow. I've picked

8 Ways to Beat The End of Summer Blue

Ahh September! A month of change. A time when those easy, lazy days/nights of summer start to wind down, kids are going back to school, and folks are getting back to "the grind." We still have a few more weeks (technically) of summer to enjoy, so let's not rush anything. However, if we must get out of vacay mode I've listed some surefire ways to easily bounce back to "real life" mode (because summer is OBVIOUSLY not real life haha) and beat those end of summer blues! 1) Frame a photo Choose some fave snaps from the summer and set your phone or computer background with it. This will help make the transition a bit easier and something nice to gaze at and look back on. 2) Treat yourself t
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