Campari Go Bitter, Go Sweet with Kate Hudson

I have seen a bottle of Campari on our dinning room table after dinner parties since I was little. It has always been my father's liquor of choice after a meal. His favorite aperitif. When I was invited to the launch of Campari's bittersweet campaign with Kate Hudson I felt a sweet connection to the brand. Held at The Standard hotel in the meat packing district in NYC. We were greeted with espresso of course and biscotti. Retro tunes like "Good Morning" played as we enter the rich red room with clear designeresque seating and a red carpet. An cozy media crowd of about 100 special guest mostly Italiano were in attendance and patiently waited for Kate. Cat Greenleaf hosted the press confe

Ultrasonic Le Mieux Facial

I am usually very hesitant about getting a facial. The last one I had was many months ago in Italy at The Grand Hotel Cocumella. Yet I was intrigued when I read a bit about the Le Mieux line and thier ultrasonic skin perfecting tool. A favorite amongst Hollywood A-listers, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Neil Patrick Harris, Tiffani Thiessen and Christina Ricci. Le Mieux specializes in innovative skincare products based on extensive anti-aging and cell growth research. I love the idea that they combining the latest in natural, herbal and botanical ingredients with state-of-the-art, technology. I made the appointment to give it a try. It was a peacful setting with beautiful smelling candles l

SHE's Fit, SHE's Beautiful!

A few weeks ago I visited a showcase that presented many new health and beauty brands, from fitness gear to pure mineral makeup...and I even try out a mask I'm straight from the Himalayan Mountains!! See what other goodies I found here! #beauty #facial #denise

Easy Answers to Life's Big Questions

A lot of people wrestle with the big questions in life. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? For many, these questions haunt them. Not long ago, I created an exercise designed to address these questions in a simple way that provides some of the answers that people and businesses search for. As you probably realize by now, I collect quotes. I have a treasure trove of hundreds of them. One day while reading through them, I realized that the picture they paint is a snapshot of who I am - my philosophies; what matters to me; what radiates from the core of my soul. The quotes painted a picture of what most resonates with me and how I live my life. Once I identified this, I realize

Is Your Fear Real?

One of the things I love about hiking mountains is that I always learn about life and myself. This held true while climbing Mt. Washington, the tallest mountain in New Hampshire, this past July. The most powerful insight I gained from Mt. Washington was how susceptible we are to the power of suggestion, and how damaging it can be if we are not aware of when it is acting upon us. When I arrived at the base of the mountain, there were several signs posted warning of avalanches and falling ice. The rangers I spoke with echoed this warning. While I am never one to do something stupid at elevation, especially when I am hiking alone, I didn't get a sense that the ranger had a real conviction abou

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Should You Make the natural deodorant that is? Over on"The Dish with DDR" I tried and tested five natural deodorants to see how well they stood the test of time and sweat. You may be surprised by my results. What are your fave natural deodorants to use? #naturaldeodorant #denise #beauty #wellness

The Stacked Topsy Tail Braid Hair Tutorial

We had Melissa Cook from to show us step by step how to do a stacked topsy tail braid.This “braid” is the perfect way to change up your typical French braid because it looks so intricate and detailed. The best part is that it isn’t actually a braid at all! This style is made by creating a bunch of topsy tails stacked on top of one another. The final look is created by gently pulling everything loose to create voluminous, romantic twists that are perfect for any occasion." Step 1 Start by separating off a small section of hair at the top of the back of the head. Tie it off with a clear elastic band. Step 2 Create a small gap right above the band and flip the end of the p

The World Needs Your Gift

So, while in the shower one night the idea about what I could write for this month's e-mail update, dawned on me. The idea came from a video I recently watched on Marie Forleo TV (I love Marie btw). Marie speaks a lot about the importance of creating a life that you love and learning what your unique desires and talents are and sharing them with the world. I couldn't agree more with the notion that to create a life you love living every day starts with YOU! Knowing your strengths and offering them to someone in any way is so important to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others around you. Since we are in the month that celebrates Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a great time fo

Lunch with Elizabeth Hurley

Last season I became slightly addicted to the show The Royals. Through the show I was reintroduced to Elizabeth Hurley, who in person is absolutely stunning. So when I was invited by Bloomingdales Short Hills to join Ms. Hurley for a luncheon I quickly replied yes. As the global spokesmodel for The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Elizabeth Hurley kick off the private lunch. Teamed with Bloomingdale’s Pink Campaign to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Marisa Acocella Marchetto Foundation and The Carey Foundation benefiting The Tutu Project she enlighted us on how Estee Lauder is bringing awareness to these causes. The luncheon was simply delicious a

Fall Beauty Favorites

I am always looking for dazziling new beauty products. From unique colors to products that actually work amazing. This past month I had a few new products I purchased that I simply love. I can't live without my Makeup Eraser cloth and Butter London's shadow clutch official is coming everywhere with me. Here are my topic picks! Featured Items: Makeup Eraser - Elf Stipple Brush - Real Techniques Blush Brush - YoungBlood Liquid Foundation - Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Fuchsia - It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Gloss - Butter Shadow Clutch -
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