Nitya Chandra Jewels

I have a slight obsession with unique jewelry pieces. Finding artist new designers is my passion. So I was thrilled to discover Nitya Chandra and learn about her creative process. She explains how she takes her designs from sketch to gorgeous real life pieces to wear. How does Nitya Chandra create her jewelry? Nitya Chandra stays true to the classic approach of hand sketches as her first step in the development process. When traveling, she always carries a small sketch book and camera to capture what she finds most intriguing. She comes home to developing design boards, and mosaics of her most recent artistic expedition. Once down on paper, she works on variety of silhouettes for one conce

Chiel Luxury in Knitwear

My fashion label - Chiel - gives a whole new meaning to the possibility of ‘living the glamour of your dreams’. Chiel garments are beautifully executed, sensuous high-end hand-knits that transport their wearer to a world of glamour and indulgence far beyond the realm of the ‘everyday’. But it doesn’t stop there. If you wear a Chiel garment, you are, by default, also ‘transported’ to share in the life of its knitter – a skilled woman artisan in a small village in rural southern India. I have always had a passion for the glamour of high-end fashion and fabrics, and for the endless creative potential of hand-knitting and its luxury fibres. These passions led me on my own ‘glamorous dream’: to p

Real Apartment, Real Art

Posters were great in college dorm rooms. Department store art was fine in our college apartments. Now, you are a grown up (or so people tell you) and you have a real apartment. Your real apartment is where you sleep (most of the time) where you go after your real job, where you have your real friends over for real drinks. You have real furniture, and it is time for REAL ART. So, where do you find real art? One of the best places to find real art is at summer art festivals. There you can meet REAL artists, talk to them about their art, have a great experience, and make your real dollars go further. Amdur Productions does the heavy lifting for you. They screen artists who want to be in festi

Armparty 101: How to go from daytime sleek to nighttime chic

Want to grab dinner with the girls after a long day’s work but don’t feel like changing your entire outfit? Just slap on a pair of heels, some red lipstick and spice up your armparty and you’re ready to go! To take your Oriana Lamarca armcandy from a more casual daytime look to a more elegant nighttime look in seconds, start by layering a base armparty of 2-3 bracelets that are neutral colors and can go with almost any outfit. Some of my favorite stones are fossil beige, pyrite and rose quartz, not to mention that rose quartz is the pantone 2016 color of the year!I love the hammered gold and silver accents because they are sleek and simple yet they really compliment the color of the bead so

Homemade "Vaseline"

I like to follow holistic experts to see what new findings they come up with and learn alternatives to well know products. While scrolling through Facebook motivational speaker and founder of Drew Canole posted about using Vaseline. This is a staple that has been in my bathroom cabinet for as long as I can remeber, so I was intrigued to read more. The first sentence, "Vaseline is made of petroleum jelly which is basically a byproduct of the oil industry" got me like..whoa. Besides all the not so great things about Vaseline it also included a simple recipe to make your own at home. Here is the recipe. It is simple and easy and includes coconut and olive oil, that right there is a y

Kiss and Wear

I am always draw to sweet little necklaces. I am never without one around my neck. For me, usually the smaller the better. When I saw Kiss & Wear adobrable lip necklaces I was excited to get my hands on one. Finding and supporting new brands is a true passion of mine. Kiss & Wear launched in Fall of 2015 and combines the perfect mix of west coast cool and east coast chic. The name was originally based on owner Katrina Caspelich's fashion and beauty blog, it has since transitioned into the lifestyle accessories brand. Kiss & Wear pieces are designed for the creative carefree type of girl to wear everyday. As founder of Kiss & Wear, Katrina, wanted to create a collection of fun and attainabl

I'm Busy

A few weeks ago I met with a new client who shared an immensely valuable distinction, especially for this time of year. The client has a $60 million business, wants to grow it to $100 million, and then consistently keep it performing at that level. As you can imagine, this CEO is really busy. He is intensely focused on building and managing his business, not to mention the many additional commitments he has to his family, friends and other interests. Not surprisingly, during one of our early conversations he talked about the challenge of managing all the demands on his time - the competing needs of the business, the infinite requests people make of him, etc. He then shared a distinctio

Post-Gym Hairstyles for Work & Fun

After a serious gym work out my hair is the first thing I notice. I feel like when your hair doesn't look good, nothing looks good. If however you fix your hair to look cute you can leave the gym and look fab. Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Haircare, gives us his tops ways to go from the gym to a number of after workout plans like work, a date or even just a lazy weekend at home. Gym to Last Minute Plans - Do a 3 Minute Blowout Spray a hairspray like White Sands Infinity to soak up extra oils and create lift at the roots. Quickly use your dryer and direct the heat only at your hairline to dry up the most visible, sweaty areas. Flip your head over and dry hair upside down. When you co
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