Cleanse and Energize Your Home with Crystals

I have become a dedicated user of crystals, especially since doing Reiki. Energy Muse was one of the first sites i visited to buy a bracelet. Wearing crystals is a practice I do everyday. The energy from them is amazing. There are also great ways to incorporate them into your living space. Energy Muse has 5 tips to simply use crystal slices to energize and clear your home. They are simply flat pieces of high-grade crystal, but their shape makes them all the more versatile. They found that using different shapes and formations of crystals enhances the crystal properties in different ways. 1. Place a crystal slice on your third eye during meditation to improve your focus and deepen your spiri


There so many reasons why I was excited to attend the launch of ISH #IMSMOKINGHOT. The first being Joey Maalouf, I have been following his journey with Rachel Zoe for years now. I heard he had a new make up collection and I was thrilled to learn all about it. The launch was at Beauty and Essex's one of my favorite LES places to go. It's amazing for delicious cocktails and the food is unique and delectible. Denise and I arrived at the #IMSMOKINGHOT intimate launch dinner party with only about 20 other fashionable influencers. The ISH line is being launched in collaboration with subscription box company FabFitFun. Joey briefly spoke about his new collection. The quad features a highlighter,

Prep and Mask

A great face mask at night is everything. My sister introduced me to Origins a while back and I have been sort of obsessed ever since. The Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores has been a lifesaver the day bofore events and just in general for beautiful youthful skin. So when I learned about the Maskimizer Primer from Origins, that prepares the skin to leave it more receptive to the benefits of Origins masks, I had to try it. Spritzing it on felt refreshing and instantly felt hydrating. Then I did the mask as usual and it felt a difference instantly. The next day my skin felt so soft and my makeup went on smoother. The combination of the primer and mask are my Sunday

Top 5 Travel Essentials

Any chance I get to hop on a plane and take off to a exotic destination, i'm in. A cool way to experience true luxury is renting a sweet villa like this one on HomeAway in South Beach Miami, or, if you’re more into the Spring Break scene, check out what they have to offer in Panama City Beach! There are of course always a few essentials I pack for a quick getaway. Here are mine. 1. Definately a beach hat like this one from Hatattack, fav's are fedora's they cover from the sun and look super chic on the beach. 2. Sunglasses of course. Love affordable styles like these from Fadeddays for the beach, no worry about sand or water and def cool girl approved. 3. A cute beach bag that holds everythi

Jemily Fine Jewelry : Timeless Style, Modern Allure

An interview with Catherine Marion, designer for this made-in-New York collection crafted in 18kt gold with precious gems. Loving the new Spring looks - and old favorites - from JEMILY Fine Jewelry’s designer Catherine Marion, we sat down to talk with this attorney who left the law (a successful career as a corporate finance attorney) to follow her dream. Based in Manhattan, where all JEMILY jewelry is made by hand, the line is named for the designer’s two daughter’s Jennifer and Emily. Honored by the World Gold Council, JEMILY’s collections are delicately crafted in 18kt gold and diamonds - with colored stones – Rubies, Sapphires, Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Tourmalines - particularly green (f

DIY Avocado Fenugreek Hair Mask Tutorial

I like to try the most natural ways to bring shine and boost moisture to dry winter hair. "Though it’s possible you haven’t tried it yourself, we’re sure you’ve heard of putting avocado in your hair. No matter how messy you think it’ll be, though, and no matter how weird you think it seems, we cannot back the avocado for hair treatment enough," explains Wendy Rose Gould beauty expert for hair tutorial and advice site "Avocado acts as a shine-boosting, ultra-moisturizing hair treatment in and of itself. Today, however, we’re adding another ingredient to this mask: fenugreek seeds. If you haven’t heard of this ingredient, fenugreek is a spice that’s often used in curries

LTG Q&A with Isabel Bedoya Youtube Star

We are so excited to have Isabel Bedoya youtube star and makeup guru answer our LTG questions. If you dont already know her from her Youtube Stardom, she is also known to her 825k followers as the Instagram sensation, @makeupby_isabel. From Sephora to Benefit Cosmetics, she has collaborated with some of the top beauty industry leaders in delivering her message of beauty, self-confidence and empowerment. Based in New Jersey, her life in the spotlight is a long way from her Colombian upbringing. An early childhood of hardships forced her to grow up very quickly. Losing her father at 3 years old and having a mother who never really connected with her feelings of loneliness and lack of belongin
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