Shopping on Giftagram

There times when I am caught last minute without a gift for someone that doesn't live close. Usually I am figuring out how I can run to a store real quick and pop it in the mail. Learning about the Giftagram app (available on iOS and Android) was the best ever. It makes shopping for the perfect gift easy without even needing the recipient address. Basically in 3 clicks, you can send gifts using only an email address or phone number. You can now send gifts on-demand, eliminating the hassles of going from store to store and website to website.They even have a curated selection from international boutiques. Shop click send and they will be notified and will receive their gift in 3–5 days. I ac

Be Original, Buy Original

Most of us relish in what makes us unique. Even those who went to school wearing uniforms found ways to show their individuality through small touches. We decorated our bedrooms, then dorm rooms to show people who we were, what we liked. We look original. Even when the cultural uniform was blue jeans, we each found our own way of wearing them. We each have and still strive to be original. Now a grown up, you have countless ways to be original, and a big way is through the ORIGINAL ART you have on your apartment, home and office walls. You can wear unique hand made jewelry and clothes. You can give original handmade gifts made by American artists that make the birthday, anniversary, graduati
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