FijiFit at Barry's Bootcamp

I have a favorite brand of water and it is Fiji. I have loved it for a lifetime. It is crisp and refreshing and if anyone says you can't taste the difference in water that is simply not true. So I was excited when they partnered with Barry's Boot Camp in NOHO, NYC. { Tank Bloomingdales, Sportsbra Victoria's Secret, Leggings Athleta, Sneakers Nike } I was lucky to attend the FijiFit event and have a ridiculously good work out. Of course I sipped on a cold bottle of Fiji through out my intense work out. It was my first time trying out Barry's and I really loved it. I felt invigorated and energized. I left ready to schedule my next class! Here is the cool part if you want to have your own home

Frankies Bikinis 2017 Collection - Miami Swim Week

I was happy to catch the Frankie's Bikinis runway show at the W hotel before I had to head out to a dinner party. The collection was full of pastels which are my fav and crochet pieces I need to get my hands on. The Cali vibe was happening from head to toe. Even the hair had a laid back chill feel. TRESemmé Stylist Tyler Laswell created voluminous, beachy waves to compliment the playful aesthetic of this collection. Here is how to get the flirty beach waves: 1. Split hair into four even sections on the top, bottom, right and left sides of the head. 2. Rake TRESemmé TRES Two Climate Protection Mousse through one section at a time, then blow dry using a diffuser to protect against humi

The Watermelon Coconut Oil Mask That Will Save Your Hair

Credit: and Wendy Rose Gould. "It’s no secret that coconut oil is like liquid gold where hair is concerned. Dry hair slurps it up immediately, and you can feel and see the difference after a treatment," explains Wendy Rose Gould beauty expert for hair tutorial and advice site "Today we’re taking the traditional coconut oil hair mask one step further, though, by combining coconut oil with a super potent blend of hair-nourishing oils. Together, they’ll soften, hydrate, restore and strengthen the ends of your hair to prevent dreaded breakage and split ends." Coconut Oil: The base of this anti-breakage, split-end treatment is coconut oil. All hair can

Bikini's 70's Birthday

Can you believe the bikini has been around for 70 years! When it first hit the scene no one thought it would last. It was only for the risque Hollywood type. Here we are 70 years later and it is more popular than ever. From Bridgette Bardot to Taylor Swift the bikini is here to stay. #bikini #bikinibirthday #dawn #fashion #celebrity #hollywood #insideedition
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