GlamScout Real Time Beauty App

With NYFW coming up we will see so many beauty runway look to recreate. GlamScout is a new smartphone app which you to find real product matches to any cosmetic look found in a magazine, website, or real life! It's pretty cool, GlamScout performs a search through thousands of products and instantly delivers matches for the complete look. Using the app is as easy as applying your favorite lip gloss: · Upload a photo of an inspired makeup look, snap a pic · GlamScout instantly identifies the makeup in the image and provides direct product matches · Use the built-in feature to virtually Try-On the makeup in real time · Features thousands of products from over 10

Come Alive

Photo by Brian Reitenauer My friend Brian and I take a photo journey each year to one of our country's spectacular national parks. Our journeys have allowed us to drink in the amazing beauty our country offers - Acadia in Maine, Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, Big Bend in Texas, Canyonlands in Utah, Lassen in California and so many more. This July our destination was Olympic National Park in Washington state. Choosing Olympic in July meant one thing - this trip, like most of our trips, was not a vacation. You see, Brian is an excellent photographer, which means our trips revolve around chasing the light of dawn and dusk. The first light of day on this trip was at 5:00 AM, and the last

Camouflage Split Ends

Split ends are the worst and sometimes we spot them without time to get a quick trim. I found a quick solution to camouflage frayed ends. White Sands Haircare’s interest in orchid flowers for hair treatments was inspired from findings showing this flower’s mysterious capacity for immortality, beauty, and its versatility to adjust to different environments with vibrant color. Orchid cell membranes contain a longevity molecule allowing for this eternal quality. In short, due to this molecule, as the plant cells age they will continue to act as if they were brand new. An orchid extracts Bulbophyllum which helps to mend split ends and fill holes in the fabric of each strand to instantly enhance
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