SJP Creates a Line of LBD's

I never found a show I loved more than Sex and The City. Carrie aka SJP was my style icon and still may be. I watched with envy wanting every pair of shoes in her closet and the entire fabulous wardrobe over the seasons. When Sarah Jessica Parker launched her shoe line I was thrill. It was a good price point and simple chic styles. Now the for the big news.. she has created a line of LBD's (Little Black Dresses) something a girl can never have too many of. I personally search continually for the perfect one. Not too dressy but not too "girl on the street" either. Her collection will be sold in Bloomies and on her site. You know I will for sure be the first to grab one or five. #sjp #satc #se

Something to Sip On

I am not a huge drinker but I do like a glass of Sancerre or Melbac over dinner through the week. When the weekend comes and I have a Saturday night out with friends I am always looking for something different. I am all about a cocktail that is not too sweet and a bit unique. Vodka is always the liquor of choice and finding Punzone was a delight. Let me start by saying it is organic. Second it is Italian so already top on my list. The best is that it is smooth and delicious mixed with watermelon juice. One of the recipes I tried at home was Peaches & Green. A simple light drink with green tea and peach puree. Here is the recipe, enjoy! Peaches & Green Ingredients : 1 oz Punzoné organic vodk

Structurally Styled in Behno

I am always on the hunt for new styles and pieces to wear for events and my radio segments for NYC 95.5 PLJ. When I browsed the Behno collection I was instantly drawn to it. Designed with an air of crisp sculptural minimalism, creative ingenuity and full integrity, the newest Behno items fit into this Fall’s fashion regime with a sense of sartorial comfort, ease and effortlessness. From structured clean-cut tops, to artistically designed skirts, Behno is one-of-a-kind in it's designs for the upcoming season. I picked out the sleeveless ‘Katarina’ shirt dress. The luxurious poplin and signature Behno’s menswear-inspired style is perfection. My favorite is the back which mildly reveals a bit o

There's a Book For That

Want to look and feel great? There’s a book for that! Five books actually, that pro makeup artist and health and wellness devotee Denise Del Russo highly recommends. Read more. #beauty #denise #books

How to Mix Prints

"The most important tip I can give is to have a color theme when mixing prints. Pick a color that flows through both the top and bottom pieces to master mixing prints with ease." The Print Size Matters -Don't overwhelm the the look with prints that are big all over or too small. Try a small print on top and a larger print on the bottom Mix it up a bit with different sizes and shapes Be Sure to Have A Color Theme - Keep it in a similar color family, match colors not prints. Pick up a hue that runs through both prints to tie the looks together easily. Choose two different prints, no more, unless you are super daring and ready to get some attention When in Doubt Ground the Look with A Solid Col

Nicole Miller Spring 2017

Inspired by Mola's from Panama because of thier colorful panels, Nicole Miller created her whole Spring 2017 collection. I personally would wear the slim fitting dresses in almost any season. There was also a too cute cropped bomber jacket that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on too. As for the shoes, you know I am a girl all about them and this runway had too many good pairs to choose from. #nicolemiller #fashion #dawn #runway #spring2017 #nyfwspring2017

Marissa Webb Spring 2017 Collection

Marissa Webb never fails to delight with each season's collection. It is one of my absolute favorites to attend. For New York Fashion Week's Spring 2017 I could seriously wear every pieces especially the high waisted leather pants I spotted ( so need those). From the subtle floral prints to the lightly tousled hair it was a runway of pure perfection. #marissawebb #spring2017 #nyfwspring2017 #dawn #fashion #marissawebbrunway

Leanne Marshall Spring 2017

Byline: Neilson Barnard, Credit: Getty Images for Leanne Marshall Designs Dreamy was the first word that came into my mind when I saw the first piece step out on Leanne Marshall's Spring 2017 runway. Which is exactly what she was trying to portray as well. I wanted to watch in slow motion just to really see the movement of each gown. The muted palette elevated to collection to perfection. The designer indicated that she drew inspiration from gemstones and the power they carry. It certainly was a magic journey from the white runway to the intricate beading, watercolor prints, plunging necklines and her signature flowing silks. The sheer elegance leaves me craving to style one of these for a
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