Enthusiasm is a wonderful word. It means, literally, "one with the energy of GOD (or the divine)." En (to be one with) and theos (God or the divine). When we are pursuing our dream, our heart's desire, it is natural to feel enthusiastic about it. When we feel enthusiastic, work becomes a joy. #Inspire #enthusiasm #joy #dream

Victoria Beckham x Target

I have probably been a fan of Victoria Beckham since her Spice Girl days. I remember buying her book as soon as it came out and was thrilled when she started her clothing line. Now she is delving into the mainstream market, partnering with Target to introduce a limited-edition collection that reflects the charming, yet functional essence of the Victoria, Victoria Beckham womenswear line and includes her first foray into childrenswear. Inspired by the Victoria, Victoria Beckham line, as well as Beckham’s everyday life and the shared experiences between mother and child, the Victoria Beckham for Target collection includes items featuring soft pastels, bright pops of color and feminine spring p

What Do You Care About?

I am not one to talk politics much. I often only do with close family members. It can be a touchy subject at times. Yet, I must say, I have come to realize over the years and as I grew older the importance of voting. When I first had the opportunity, I had the thought most do, "how important is my one vote." I've come to realize that it does matter. We have to exercise our right no matter how small it may seem. It is not about who we are voting for, it is about our power to have a voice in our country. It is to express what you care about. In order to see a change we must be the change. We do this with our vote. So what do you care about? #dawn #inspire #vote #election #celebrity #registerto
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