QBT's with Denise { How To Apply False Lashes}

Not sure if anyone else feels the same but putting on false lashes can be a daunting task. I asked my sister to show a step by step to make it easier. She does this for a living and if there is anyone that can make your lashes look glam it Denise. Here she shows her Quick Beauty Tips to Apply False Lashes. #dawn #beauty #makeup #eyelashes #denise #howtoapplylashes #video

Post Halloween Makeup Skincare

I wore a lot of makeup for Halloween this year. I had 2 different costumes for 2 different nights out. Which means lots of time spent after getting it all off. After all that my skin feels like it needs some loving care. Cleansing wipes like these from So Fresh So Clean are the perfect way to cleanse the skin. They take off the make-up, but do much more. The cucumber & chamomile help to condition and soothe skin while the tea tree & salicylic acid help to control oil & acne. Any thing with green tea & witch hazel is good by me since they help to purify skin & unclog pores. Finally aloe vera & vitamin E help to moisturize skin and the vitamin C helps to brighten skin. Next an exfoliator lik

Cooking in Heels { Pumpkin Bread }

I decided to try out a pumpkin bread recipe since it is the season for it. I wanted something that was (forgive the word) moist and cake like on the inside and crusty like a muffin top on the outside. I came across this recipe on Smitten Kitchen and it sounded just perfect. So I gave it a try. Needless to say it was exactly what I wanted. So good I didn't even take a picture before having a slice...or 2. BTW I made it in a bundt pan because my loaf pan has gone missing. This is one to try out for sure. Here is the recipe. Kisses #pumpkinbread #cooking #baking #dawn #cookinginheels #lifestyle #pumpkin #bread #food
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