Honest Beauty at Target

We have been using Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty line for a while now. One of the first items I purchased was the Magic Balm. I use it just about everywhere for a soft feel and glowy finish. Denise got me into the creamy blushes to use, not just on my cheeks but lips too. Up until now there were only a few places you could purchase Honest Beauty. Needless to stay we were thrilled to hear Target is introducing Honest Beauty to its beauty aisles and Target.com. Honest Beauty is known for its commitment to offering products that utilize a mix of botanically-derived ingredients backed by innovative science. The collection at Target includes a variety of skincare and cosmetic products, ranging fr

Jason Since 1959

I've been using Jason products for a long time now. I started because they were a more ethical and very natural brand. Jason was one of the first I found without parabens and other harmful ingredients. After attending their press event for the launch of a few new products I learned they were one of the first natural brands to raise the stands in skincare products and dental care. The event was lovely, held at Locanda Verde in NYC . We started with a personalized coconut water drink and delicious pastries. We then were served a delectable breakfast as the brand managers discussed multiple new products being released including the men's line. It was a lovely way to start the day and so nice to

Comfortable Cute Flats

I am often asked, "what shoes are comfortable, still cute, and affordable?" Not always an easy task, since many are very stylish but not always affordable. While others are cute but not comfortable. I am excited to say I finally found a pair. Aerosoles has designer some seriously great styles for spring, that feel as comfortable as a pair of slippers. I personally got the black pair of "Girl Talk" faux suede flats with a gold ankle strap. The shoes zip up so it makes them super easy to get in and out of. The insole is like walking on air. They resemble many high end designer flats that are over $400. These incredibly shoes called "Girl Talk" are $79. Definitely worth the purchase for Spring

How to Change Your Subconscious Beliefs

Denise and I are always looking for new ways to expand our minds and practice the law of attraction. Abraham Hicks is our usual go to for listening on a daily basis. We started with them many years ago. It has definitely inspired us over the years. Recently we discovered Aaron Doughty on youtube and watched about 8 of his videos in a row. He goes a little deep in some videos on parallel realities but it is so interesting. We were both ready to take our practice to the next level. In some of his other videos he discusses higher consciousness and visualizations. Through meditation he is able to show how to change our subconscious beliefs. Here is one to start with. Let us know what you experie

Hidden Hair Extensions

We tried out Hidden Crown hair extensions and we were both pretty impressed with the results. Over the year I have tried different clip in extensions to wear for my tv appearances. They usually looked great except I didn't feel like wearing them all day. They also always had to be check on to make sure no "tracks" "clips" were showing, which could happen unexpectedly. When we got out hands on Hidden Crown it was a whole new experience. The Hidden Crown hair extensions are one simple row on a thin clear "fishing line" type of band. The sit right around the head and underneath your natural hair. We gave them a try on Denise and they look so natural. We feel in love. #Beauty #Hair #Review #Hidd

Oversized Style From Tops to Denim

If you haven't noticed already this season, it seems everything is oversized from scarves to tops to denim. It is often a faux pas to wear clothing a size or two bigger since it can create unwanted curves, pounds and overwhelm the body. However if done properly it can look incredibly chic. The answers are here, on how to get that runway style without the bulky look. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try, after all it's a bit more comfortable and you might seriously loved it. Accessories are one of the best items to start with. Try a scarf that is wider and longer in length this way it can be wrapped around a few times. A scarf is also a wonderful transition piece to move from Win

Recreating Spring Runway Hair

The gorgeous runway beauty looks were endless this season. I couldn't help but want to try to recreate a few myself. From Gucci to Margiela, the spring runways featured bold headbands, barrettes and bows. I found that 1907 by Fromm has a new line of hair accessories for Ulta of genuine leather headbands, metallic bobbies and bow hair ties. They are perfect for this type of inspired runway looks. Trend 1: Bold Headbands Mary Katrantzou | 1907 by Fromm Camel Tote, Genuine Leather Headband, $17.99, Ulta.com Trend 2: Statement Bobby Pins Marchesa | 1907 by Fromm You Keep Me In Place Matte Metallic Wide Pins, $.6.99, Ulta.com Trend 3: Bows

Baked Veggie Pasta

I always like to try to mix and match recipes. I saw a mac and cheese recipe that looked so good but I wanted a healthier but still tasty version. I decided to saute some of my favorite veggies and mix them with whole wheat pasta and a sprinkle of cheese. It came out great! Here is the easy recipe. 1 bunch organic asparagus about 3 cups chopped 1 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half 2 organic yellow squash chopped in cubes 1 green zucchini chopped in cubes 1 cup organic peas 1 lb organic whole wheat pasta (cooked) 1/2 cup parmigiano cheese 3-4 tbsp olive oil Salt & Pepper *Organic is not necessary Saute Tomatoes in 1 tbsp of olive when soft add squash, zucchini, and asparagus. Drizzle 1tsp of oli
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