I Tried Vaping Vitamin B12

I have been seeing pop ups for Vitamin B12 Vapes and thought it was an interesting way to get B12. I don't smoke and never have, so it is certainly different for me. I decided to give it a try. When it came in, I reread the box a few times to make sure it was safe. There was not much in it besides organic flavoring and B12. VitaminVape was started by a group of vegans and scientists that wanted a way to get better absorption in the body. While searching they found, inhaling B12 can be up to 1,000 times more effective than pills. This lead to experimenting with vapor B12. Which thus became a marriage of modern tech and pure ingredients mixed in the USA. I gave it a try and inhaled. I let the

Indah's Magic Carpet Ride at Miami Swim Week

This weekend Indah swimwear had a Magic Carpet Ride at the W Hotel in Miami for Swim Week. The suits wear more than an item you would wear to the beach. Tops with ruffles and long sleeves and one pieces styles that double as bodysuits. It was a bit sexy with a bohemian feel. The cool part..the collection was available to purchase immediately after the show. #fashion #bikini #swimwear #miamiswimweek #indah #onepiece #bodysuit #bathingsuit

One South Beach, Our New Fav

Miami Swim Week happened this past weekend and it is one of my favorite events of the year. This year, it was myself, Denise and our friend Oriana Lamarca, jewelry designer. The last time Denise and I were in Miami we stopped into One Hotel for brunch at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Beachcraft and absolutely loved it. The second we walked into the hotel we said to each other, "we are staying here next time." This was the weekend we decided to stay. When we arrived at the hotel we were so pleasantly greeted. We checked in at 10am, planning to not have a room for a bit, but to our surprised they had it ready to go. Access to the floors and rooms was by key only. We walked into a neutral tone, s

Beautifully Cleansed with Palo Santo

I have been using Palo Santo for a couple of years now, along with white sage to cleanse energy in my home and office. So as I was breezing through my usual fashion emails I came across a story about it on Fashionista.com. I was intrigued to see the tie in. Fragrance companies have taken a liking to the ancient scent and are incorporating it into their oils and scents. I love the idea of this. It is the perfect way to bring positive energy to you while cleansing away the old. It is certainly a new beauty trend worth jumping on. Read more on Fashionista.com #palosanto #fashionista #smudging #cleansingenergy #saintwood #holywood #sumdgingsticks #wellness #beauty
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