Designer Shoe Tips From a Shoe Obsessed Girl

I can't exactly say when I really became obsessed with buying shoes. Probably for ever if you ask my parents. I love anything pretty, high and sparkly. I remember my mom had these satin pair of pastel heels that I wished were my size when I was 10. They had a matching clutch to go with them and I thought they were everything! Over the years I gradually got into buying more designer pairs mixed in with more affordable brands like Schutz and Zara. I'd say I treat them all the same regardless of price. They make me happy to just look at. When I walk down the street in a sky high pair of neon yellow heels it just makes me feel a little extra smily. When the latest pair of Christian Louboutin lig

My Workout Routine with a Personal Trainer

I post my personal training workouts weekly on my insta stories and always get questions related to what I am doing. My trainer Andrew is seriously awesome and has truly toned everything up. I never realized the importance of having a trainer until I started working with him. It keeps you on track and accountable. I decided to make a little compilation of some of the things he does with me weekly. I've been working with him for 3 years and he definitely knows how to transformed the body. It is a different workout every week. We don’t use too many machines and do usually 10-12 reps of everything with 4 rounds. There is always some core exercises and cardio mixed in. My sister and BFF have st
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