Ivanka Trump Announces Folding of Her Fashion Brand

Is Trump Derangement Syndrome a real thing? Ivanka Trump is making new she is shutting down her fashion brand to focus more on her role as a White House advisor. Many fashion insiders in the fashion industry had thoughts on the closing. Several major retailers like Nordstroms and TJ Maxx have stopped selling her merchandise. At that point the writing was on the wall as the brand was struggling somewhat. The name Trump being attached to it gave consumers the able to decide to purchase her products as a message to government. Not in our opinion the greatest tactic. She is a women owned business and should have been supported regardless of her father's opinions or presidency. #clothing #fash

How To: Get Silky Smooth Summer Legs

The summer season is in full swing, with the heat and humidity, comes skimpier clothing and bathing suits, meaning our legs will be on full display. No one, including ourselves wants to feel stubbly legs especially in the Summer. To keep your legs smooth and healthy during beach season, try an exfoliator like COPPER+CRANE Charcoal Body Polish before shaving. Exfoliating a few times each week will slough away the top layer of dead skin cells and bring hair to the surface for a closer shave. Exfoliating is key for preventing dead skin from clogging up your razor and keeping skin bump-free. Since legs have almost no oil or sweat glands, they produce little natural moisture, meaning you’ll need

Current Favorite Foundations

I have never been the type to wear heavy, full coverage foundations. They feel too thick to me. I like a liquid that covers the imperfections but allows your natural skin to show through a bit. Subtle enough that is almost looks like you are not wearing any. I switch often between brands but over the past year or two I have been stuck on It Cosmetics CC+. It is definitely a favorite that I continue to purchase over and over again. It is lightweight but covers just enough. It had SPF 50 and I love that. The ant-aging serum is a nice addition to, which makes it feel like I am doing something good for my skin. Here I talk a little bit more about it and a few others I use for different types of

Fragrance Etiquette

Know where you are going, party, work, outdoors, indoors. A stronger scent should be reserved for parties, while for work it should be mild. I suggest using an essential oil for work settings or indoors since the scent stays on the body but close so everyone doesn't have to breathe it in. Don't over do it. The best way is to spritz over your head and let it set lightly over you. Stick to the 2 spray rule. Skip it if you will be swimming, on the beach, camping or traveling on airplanes. Don't try to cover up another scent. This never works they just combine and make for an obvious cover up. The Scents to Wear Saor Perfume - www.saorperfume.com $65 Snap Perfume - The Collection Eau de Toilett
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