What Do You Drink Tap or Bottled?

Tap vs/ bottle water is always an interesting topic that comes up, especially out to eat. EWG (Environmental Working Group) is a reliable source relating to anything health & toxicity. It’s not always easy being the person who prefers bottled water over tap, for some reason it seems to be looked down upon or people think you’re snobby, but for me there’s very good reason. Really have to own what’s important to you & not worry about others opinions. We found this detailed water guide on GOOP and had to share. Check this out for more info on your tap water! #wellness #health #denise #water #tapwater #bottledwater #goop #watertips #drinkingwater #drinkwater #healthywater #food

Be Kind

When I was younger I always floated between the “cool” kids and the more quiet kids. I never wanted to leave anyone out and wanted to be friends with everyone. Although that wasn’t always easy at times, I never gave in to the pressure to be "cool." I can be a challenge at times to not be included at the popular table or invited to the weekend sleep over but I am happy to think I was always kind and could genuinely make anyone feel included. This "Be Kind" attitude continued as I grew up. As I began working in a world that was super competitive and at times catty I was able to quickly distinguish between the types of people who were nice an those who were not. There for it starts young and

Angela Missoni's 5 Tips for Hosting

While flipping through Neiman Marcus's The Book I came across designer, Angela Missoni's tips for being the "Host with the Most" and just had to share. She is best know for her family's fashion empire of zigzag stripes and colorful knit. Yet, in Sardinia, Italy she personally known for her legendary dinner parties. "Every occasion is fit to celebrate" she says. "Life is too short." Here she shares tips for hosting friends, family, and fashion elite. 5 Tips for Hosting 1. Consider guest flow, " I move around the house, depending on how many people we have. No one wants to go to a party where they can't sit." 2. Set up multiple bars, " I like to set up several drink areas so there aren't any

8 Ways to Wear Stripes

Tip 1 Double up! We like to pair our stripe swimsuit with our stripe shirtdress. The more the merrier! Stripe Swimsuit Stripe Shirt Dress Tip 2 Go for offbeat stripes. Diagonal mixed with straight and as many colours as possible. Our Isabelle scarf is the perfect statement to wear with either plains or more stripes! Isabelle Scarf Tip 3 When wearing stripes it's can be an idea to offset the look with a pattern. The Sarah & Sorrentino Paradise scarf not only draws attention to your look, but makes you stick out with a bold statement that breaks up the stripe. Paradise Scarf Tip 4 If your not feeling the full stripe look, you can try a subtle feel with a stripy boarder. Our Mia shirt is the pe

Success..It's Not Rocket Science

The 3 P's - People, Process, Priorities. I talk about these 3 business aspects all the time with my clients. By simply taking a handful of actions in these 3 areas, without fail, a business will accelerate its success. I have focused on the third P, priorities, for over 20 years; ever since I read Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. And one of the key components I talk about regarding priorities, is setting goals. That is why when I read a recent interview with Daymond John, one of the sharks on Shark Tank, I paid particular attention to the credit he gives to focusing on goals when it comes to his success. Q: So what's on your list of goals right now? My goals are always

Pat Field is the Cool Girl’s Cool Girl

At almost 80, legendary stylist Patricia Field is still cool AF. A fiercely free spirit, with her iconic cherry red hair and glam-rock style, Field has been a fashion fixture on the NYC Downtown scene since the late sixties. Her Patricia Field boutique was around for thirty years by the time she started dressing SJP on ‘Sex and the City’. She had drag queens working in her store before ‘Drag Race’ was a thing, and brought up some of the biggest designers, musicians and artists. First in the West Village, then the East, and eventually the Bowery, Patricia Field was the go-to shop for decades of creatives, club kids and rock stars. Downtown gave Field her following, and ultimately her fashion

Traveling In Style

We love to travel, obvi if you follow us. So packing in chic stylish bags is key. When we spotted this new collection Db x Janni, by the swedish designer Janni Delér we needed to talk about it. Honestly the blushy color alone had us sold. Swedish designer and lifestyle blogger Janni Delér gives Db Equipment a fresh makeover with her brand new PU leather collection. Janni brings some of the original favorites to life with a light nude color and copper details, and welcomes two entirely new backpacks to the Db family. The classy, laid-back collection includes The Aviator, The Carryall, Big Bastard, and the latest Petite and Avenue Backpacks. We <3 #travel #fashion #style #trend #suitcases #tra
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