5 Stylish Tips to Start the New Year Right

The new year is here and we all want to start the New Year right. My theory is if you look good you will feel good in your life. Therefore your closet is the perfect place to start. These 5 fashion inspired tips will kick it off in the most stylish way possible. Organize your closet – this is the first step to knowing what you have, finding your style, and purging the old, ratty, or just plain bad. Tailor your clothing to your shape – it is absolutely a must, to have your clothing fit your shape, this is the number one reason, women look 10 pounds heavier, simply their clothing doesn’t fit right. Buy the essentials – make a check list or (use one I provide to clients), this is of all the b

Why New Businesses Don't Succeed

So you’ve decided to launch your own business! Assuming you’ve done your homework and diligence about your product or service, you may already recognize that this understanding is only a parcel of the knowledge base you’ll need to acquire to make your vision become something tangible. You’ve read reports like the Harvard Business School study that indicate that somewhere from 50-75% of new companies won’t see their 5th year anniversary, so you recognize the odds are quite literally against you. Owning your own business and the lessons that come with it are the opposite of your school education; you get the test first, and the lesson after. Since you’ve made your decision to do it despite the

Make Money with Crystal Energy

I have been using crystals for a while now to manifest. They truly have magical powers. Crystal have special energy to bring anything into your life, like money. Energy Muse is where I bought one of my first crystal energy bracelets. I love that they have these videos now talking more about how these energies work and how to use them specifically. In the new year bring more abundance into your life. Here is a simple video explaining the crystals you will need to do make more money and exactly how. After watching come back and tell us what you are manifesting. #crystalenergy #manifesting #manifestmoney #makemoneywithcrystals #Inspire #inspire #energymuse

24 Hours of Chilled White Wine

I love wine, are you surprised. Sancerre is possibly my favorite. I was a red drinker for the longest but lately, I have been all about the white. White means chilled wine and when I saw BrüMate, I knew I needed it, especially since my sister just had a baby and was ready for a glass. Besides the bottle and glasses being so pretty in the light blush iridescent pink color I got, the reusable, insulated drinkware maintains the perfect drinking temperatures! The Winesulator was designed to fit a full bottle of wine and keep it in its ideal temperature range for over 24 hours, is that not insane?! Imagine that. Your white wine stays cool while your red wine is not affected by heat. Obvi it's no

FLOTUS Looks Fabulous for Christmas

The first lady Melania Trump is looking absolutely stunning for the official White House Christmas portrait. It was shot by Andrea Hanks in the Cross Hall of the White House surrounded by twinkling Christmas trees. The dress is Celine, a long sleeve turtle neck, midi length. Paired with what looks like simple gold heels. We are so here for it and found some similar styles to get the look. ASOS Knit Midi Dress $48 Bloomingdales All Saints Sweater Dress $228 Lulu's Blush Turtleneck Dress $58 #Fashion #fashion #melania #trump #flotus #christmas #whitehouse #melaniatrumpwhitedress #donaldtrump #trumpchristmascard #bloomingdales #lulus #allsaints #asos

A Skin Digital Detox

I think I just discovered the first detoxing skin treatment I am doing in the new year. Dermalogica has this new treatment call ProSkin 60 Digital Detox. It's launching at select Dermalogica locations nationwide starting January 1st. The 60-minute treatment goes beyond just skincare concerns by allowing you to completely disconnect, while addressing the skin conditions that digital dependencies wreak havoc on. The touch therapy lowers stress and stimulates lymphatic flow, improving blood circulation to help recapture a healthy, energetic glow. The professional resurfacing targets the hyperpigmentation caused by HEV light and dullness caused by fatigue and stress. All the professional-grade i

Sparkly Eyes For The Holidays

The holiday season is so perfect for sparkle. If you don't wear it often now is the time to give it a try. I have been using the Sheree Cosmetics Born to Sparkle palette since it came out. It's sooo pretty. The glitter is easy to apply to the eyelid because it doesn't require any type of adhesive or glue. I use a brush to apply the sparkle and it stays put all night long. There is no fall out whatsoever. So go for it and add a little sparkle this season. #Beauty #beauty #eyes #glitter #sheree #cosmetics #eyeshadow #glittereyes

Recharge Yourself with Crystals

Crystal have become my go to to fix anything. From feeling sick to balancing the body they can really do so much. There are many ways to use them. Holding crystals in your hand or placing them on your body is known to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals do this by positively working with your body's energy field, or chakra. Here is a simple way to recharge yourself when your energy is feeling low, thanks to @myessentialplanet #crystals #Wellness #wellness #recharge #spiritualhealing #emotionalhealing #physicalhealing #balancing #bodybalancing #crystalwork
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