I Experienced Wave Meditation

I was in NY to try out the new Wave meditation and it was an incredible experience. It is a pillow that produces a wave-like vibration while you listen to specifically made meditation tracks. It is an at-home device that can be used to get into a deeper meditative state. As they say, " It’s engineered to create an immersive music-driven meditation experience from the comfort of your own personal space." I truly loved the experience and left feeling chilled out. Watch my full experience here. #lifestyle #Lifestyle #Wellbeing #wellness #Wellness #Mediation #Meditating #wavemeditation #wave #guidedmeditation

A New Trick To Upgrade Your Hotel Stay

Ok I found something cool. You know how when you are looking at hotels online and they show amazing rooms with great views? Then you arrive and your room is so small and looks out to the parking lot. I hate that, I am on vacation and I want to enjoy every part of it. There is finally a way to get what you want. There is a site that helps you get a hotel upgrade without the hefty cost. It is called Upgradus.com It is designed to act as the communicator between you and the hotel. It's free and works with you at any hotel in the world to check for an upgrade at a discounted rate. Most hotels don't openly offer upgrades at check-in because, the reception staff is not trained and it is a longer p

Headbands Are Everywhere

Headbands are officially everywhere. Everyone is wearing them. We have been wanting to try the style too. Previously we reserved them only for night time cleansing and face masks to keep the hair out. Now we are on a mission to find the cutest ones. They are perfect for the obvious bad hair days, adding an accessory to perfect an outfit, or just styling your hair quickly. #Style #style #Fashion #fashion #headbands #headband #pearlheadband

Shiny Black Shades

Tom Ford Julie D-Frame I have been seeing super shiny black square shades for a while now. My sister Denise bought a pair almost 2 years ago, so ahead of the trend. Now I want them badly and have been searching for just the right pair for my face shape. I feel like it is much easier to try them on in person but online I see so many I don't see in person. I am not one to order and return but that might have to happen. These are the current styles I am looking at, which are your favorite. Have you jumped on this bandwagon and bought a pair? #fashion #Fashion #Style #style #sunglasses #shades #blacksunglasses

5 Ways to Style Slides

Dolce & Gabbana Slides Slides are the must wear shoe of the Summer. They are easy to slip into and super comfortable if you find the right pair. We have been loving more elevated styles that can be worn with jeans and flowy dresses. Here are our top 5 ways to style them up. Try a pair of colorful metallic slides. A pretty lilac color with a simple cross strap give a dressed up feel. Bow slides are super cute and look amazing with a flowy skirt or cropped wide jeans. Leather slides are subtle but sophisticated. A flat one strap style is the way to get it right. We are here for the clear. Just like our whole feature on clear shoes, we love a good clear slide too. We say yes always to embellish

Know Your Monetary Value

I was reading an article on Harpers Bazaar which was written a while back in 2016 but is exceptionally relevant. It is titled "How a Life Coach Taught Me to Take Control of My Worth." I have been in business for over 15 years. I have spent a good amount of it undervaluing myself when it came to my rates. Even the idea of "knowing my worth" seemed greedy. I gave so much away for free including tons of time. I started to become frustrated with myself and then with others. I would say, "how could they not see the value here and the time I am spending?" Then I realized, if I didn't see the true value in myself how could they. Seeing this didn't come easy and I would say it is continuously some

Dive In and Swim

I always want to be the girl on the beach or by the pool in a unique suit. It doesn’t have to show everything to make a statement. It just has to have that special something that makes you feel great to walk around in. When I first saw Abruzzo Swim at Miami Swimweek, I feel in love. I was even more excited to learn the lovely designer, Sam Abruzzo was from New Jersey. The cuts are so flattering and she does cover-ups you will want to wear until the end of the night. #Fashion #fashion #style #Style #swim #bikini #swimsuit #miamiswimweek #samabruzzo #NewJersey #newjersey #swimwear
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