5 Minute Facial Massage to Look Younger

I found this video on a 5 minute facial massage to make your face look younger. The technique is called Korugi, and it’s a face massage that is said to works wonders. What it does is tone your facial muscles and dissipate the fat under your skin. This quick video explains it all and shows you exactly how to do it. If you try it let us know how it goes. #Wellness #Beauty #beauty #wellness #facial #youthfulskin #nowrinkles #facemassage #korugi

Attract Prosperity with Kundalini Yoga

I have been practicing Kundalini yoga for close to 10 years now and It just keeps getting better. I usually take it at a local studio Bhakti Barn with Yogi Trish. When I can't find the time I started to follow a Youtube channel with Noa Lakshmi . It is suggested to do a 40 day practice to really see results. With the New Year approaching the Attract Prosperity practice is wonderful to kick it into high gear. #Wellness #wellness #yoga #kundaliniyoga #kundalini #prosperitymeditation #prosperitykundalini #NoaLakshmi #momwellness
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