Wore Out Sweater Weather

I officially wore all of my winter sweaters and I am not about to buy any new ones. This is the point in the season where I feel like I have been trying to dress warm for ages. I am ready for some easy simple (no layers) type of clothing. For now I am going to have to get a little creative with accessories and shoes to keep the outfits fresh. Tay Hage Some of the accessories I might give a dry are bolder gold chain necklaces and earrings. A statement belt and sunglasses are a great way to give a basic sweater a stylish feel. A headband is always cute and a simple way to give hair a little style. #sweaterweatherupdate #goldnecklaces #goldearrings #Style #style #Fashion #fashion

Text To Shop

I was sent a little booklet, mini catalogue in the mail that said "Text to Shop." I was so curious I flipped through it and found some of the cutest items. Then I realized what it was, they took an instagramable way to click to shop and made it real life. My Whym is where you can go to text and shop online. We have officially stepped into a new era. #mywhym #texttoshop #fashion #Fashion #Style #style #tech

Blue Light Glasses

Have you tried blue light glasses? I heard so many people talking about them that I had to give them a try. I have to say overall it feels better when I wear them when I spend a whole day on the computer. I purchased 2 pairs, one for near my desk and another for night time next to my bedside. Basically, blue-light blocking glasses have filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue light from getting through. That means if you use these glasses when looking at a screen, especially after dark, they can help reduce exposure to blue light waves that can keep you awake. This Warby Parker pair are like the ones I have. This pair of gold rim blue light glasses I use at work. #Fashion #fashion #

A Breath of Calm

I enjoy anything that can calm and relax at night especially since I am usually up late. I found Cannafloria calm inhalation pouches and instantly love them. I had my sister try it too. There are a few different pouches based on your needs. The calm is my favorite with hemp, lavender and chamomile. It is easy to stash in your bag for a quick breath of relaxation or under your pillow for through out the night ease. #wellness #Wellness #selfcare #cannibus #inhalation #calming #lavender #hemp #chamomile

9 Winter Weekend Outfits

On the weekends outfits tend to be a little bit more relaxed. Although I love to still feel put together and not like I rolled out of bed. Here are 9 of my recent Winter Weekend looks that are super laid back and easy to wear. Find your favorite jeans, and oversized sweater and a cute pair of sneakers or flat boots and you have most of the looks. #Fashion #fashion #style #Style #Outfit #outfit #9winteroutfits #sweaterweather

Stretching Works Wonders

I decided I wanted to be more flexible. I found a few great 10 minute flexibility "workouts" on youtube and gave them a try. Then I thought I should see what other benefits there are to stretching daily. There are so many. Even if you don't workout, try stretching 5-10 minutes a day it is worth it. - Keeps back safe - Improves mental health - Helps sleep - Triggers dopamine - Lowers blood sugar levels - Reduces high blood pressure #Wellness #wellness #fitness #lowerbloodsugar #lowerhighbloodpressure #stretch #stretching

Denim Sherpa Jacket { The Style List}

I love denim jackets and have been wanting to wear one in the winter but still stay warm. Problem solved when I bought the perfect denim sherpa jacket from Levis. Here are a few other favs. #ShopTheStyleList #TheStyleList #thestylelist #denimjacket #denimsherpajacket #levisjacket

Jimmy Choo Bootie Shoes

My sister Denise and I went to the mall to return an item from Christmas. While she was trying on a pair of boots in Bloomingdales I browsed some of the other shoes. That is when I spot a pair of hybrid heels/booties by Jimmy Choo. They are absolutely stunning and still on my mind. What do you do when you spot something you fall in love with instantly but don't buy? DO you eventually go back and buy it? #Fashion #fashion #Style #style #boots #booties #jimmychoo #heels
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