Honor The Goddess Within

Over the past few months I have been paying more attention to my body and feeling emotionally peaceful. I recently spoke to a friend and energy medicine healer Liz Donohue who said to me " you must embrace the feminine goddess within." I instantly felt warm hearing the word goddess and the general meaning of it. Then I decided I needed to take a deeper look. With my weekly acupuncture I have learned more about yin and yang and Qi. The essence of how important it is to keep our Qi "life force" moving to stay healthy and vital. As I read more about it, I came across and article on a favorite site Mind Body Green that referenced yin and how important it was for our cycle. I took a furthe look

{Success} It's A Mind Game

Most people believe success is a function of hard work. Many popular quotes allude to this. Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. Success is where luck and preparation meet. The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. There is a great deal of truth to this line of thinking, however, it overlooks one very important point — before any of that hard work is done, success is created in the mind. Bottom line: Success is a mind game. If you win the game there, you are more than halfway to whatever success you desire. The challenge, of course, is that in order to win the game in your head, you must be mindful of the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back – the negati

My Acupuncture Cure

I recently started acupuncture for a few different things in my life. As I did some research around it I read so many wonderful reasons to start. Living a healthy more natural lifestyle has become essential to me. To jump right in to one of the main reason for starting acupuncture is related to PMS. I have lived with monthly cramps and discomfort since I was 13. As I got older around 20 the first solution was the pill, I was extremely hesitant but gave it a try. After 6 months I wanted off, it was horrible from the side effects to the idea of putting chemicals in my body. Then I decided to go the tylenol/motrin route, which made the cramps and bloating a slightly less intense but still very

{Layers of Life } Tati Lennox

I have had a love of art for many years. Since grammer school I would say. In college it was my minored. The way oil paint felt to swip across canvas was simply luxurious. I am inspired to pick up a brush again after seeing pieces from Tali Lennox's( yes, Annie Lennox's daughter) new exhibit "Layers of Life." Tali celebrated her first solo presentation in Soho, NY with guests like Alice & Olivia's designer Stacey Bendet and Princes Eugenie of York. The new paintings explore the phenomena of social media, "selfies" and casual narcissism. She uses oil paints as a medium to create a series of self-portrait's that expose the raw elements of human nature which transcends the instant illusion o

{March 20th} Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is Friday March 20th. It is officially the first day of Spring but more important a important time for renewal. It is also very interesting because there are 3 rare celestial event staking place including a Solar Eclipse. As quoted in an article I read on Collective Evolution: "This is very interesting because Solar Eclipses and Equinoxes are associated with ‘new beginnings,’ yet the actual moment of the Eclipse happens at the tail end of the entire Zodiac in late Pisces. This is associated with ‘permanent endings’ and ‘crisis.’ So we can expect these themes to affect us in a powerful way not only in this upcoming month, but throughout much of 2015 as well. For some peop

Drinkable Sunscreen

At first it sounds a little insane but then after hearing how it works it makes sense. To put it as basic as possible, it is simply purified water imprinted with unique, vibrational waves which isolate out the precise frequencies needed to protect you from UV rays. The frequencies that have been imprinted on Osmosis water will vibrate on your skin in such a way as to cancel approximately 97% of the UVA and UVB rays (similar to broad spectrum SPF 30 products). The final results are about 3 hours of sun protection. The really brilliant part is the UV Water allow for increased sun exposure (30x more than normal), protect your eyes, do not wash off when swimming and can increase your tanning

Your Answers Lie in Silence

Every morning after I wake, I spend time doing some yoga and stretching. I usually do this in silence, but lately I have left my radio on. It is tuned to a sports radio station, which means that the silence is now filled with a constant noise about nothing that is truly important in life. After a few days of this, I have just one thing to say, “Oh my God! Will you shut up already?!!” That constant yammering is annoying. I can’t hear myself think. Or breathe. Or be. As long as that radio is playing in the background, my mind, soul and brain is busy listening to the broadcast and thinking about what is being said. It blocks everything else out . . . which I think is the purpose. For some reaso

Kentucky Derby Style

A fabulous hat is always a must at the Kentucky Derby, from elegant to over the top. A hat is know for good luck, it will sweeten up a little red dress and add flavor to your favorite floral prints. Think like Princess Kate try a fascinator with a feminine lace dress. It is not all about the hats though. For an event like the Derby a dress is almost as essential as the hat. This season is all about midi lengths, which is a perfectly flattering style. We really can't forget about the shoes, stash the platforms and go for the lady-like pointy toe and skinny high heel. Maybe even a red sole if you dare. Jewels are the finishing touch, since the hat is the center piece keep it simple. Try studs

Be Present

Each week we talk about setting an intention. This week we want to be present in the moment of life. Enjoying the small things around us. Noticing the sun sparkling, cars passing by, and chatter in a small cafe. Aspiring to be present sets us up for a range of important factors. Here are a few of the top reasons. 1. Improves social skills 2. You will feel calmer and less stresses 3. You appreciate your world more 4. Improves creativity 5. Less worry 6. Things you do become easier and you have a more playful outlook 7. Become more open Simply allow yourself to put all of your focus into the task/job/person at hand. Don't think about the future or the past moment. Try it, and let us know how i

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