I Can't Believe I Want Kitten Heels

I never in a million year thought I would say I want a pair of kitten heels but I do. I was inspired by designer Ada Koksar's shoe collection Midnight 00. I found a few similar styles if you are not ready to splurge. #Fashion #fashion #style #Style #Heels #shoes #kittenheels #satinheels

Valentine's Day Nail Inspo

@polishedbyellie @nailitmag @mariavinails @heynicenails @thestilettomeup @superflynails I have been seeing so many cute nail designs especially for Valentine's day. They are so sweet that I might even give them a try regardless of the holiday. From mini hearts and simple pink sparkle to bold red french manicures and colorful rainbow hearts the styles are endless. Which one is your favorite? #beauty #Beauty #Valentinesdaynails #nailinspo #heartnails #heartnaildesign #lovenails

If You are Curious about Energy Medicine

I have been receiving acupuncture for years now and truly believe in its power. Energy work and healing is incredible and your body's way of healing successfully on its own. I am also a Reiki Master and work on myself as well as distance Reiki on others. I have seen the power of energy medicine personally and know it works. This is worth a listen if you are curious. #wellness #Wellness #Healing #Reiki #energymedicine #energyhealing #goop #acupuncture

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