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Kundalini Yoga in Style

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Denise and I have been taking Kundalini yoga classes consistantly for over a year now. Besides feeling amazing after class it has literally awaken me to things both mental and physical. There are many more post on the way to cover the subject, but being a fashion stylist I did notice one thing aside from the spirituality. There are limited stores and sites to shop for the proper white attire. I began a search and must say I am still on the hunt. After browsing and although lovely, I wanted more options. Fashion that I could wear outside of class and look polished.

I found a few pairs of nice linen pants that pair well with simple white tanks like this Isabel Marant. I wear my teal wedges in the summer seen here, since there are no shoes allowed in class anyway. I also discover white leggings, that are not see thorught (sigh of relief). I still wear a longer tunic top with them but after class they look great with Valentino flats. The latest that I am truly loving is bringing comfort and style to the world of yoga. As I find more styles you know where you can find them, right here.

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