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Crystal Cove Hike


If anyone knows me, they know, I have not been on many hikes. As of lately the idea has captured my attention. The thought of seeing nature first hand, while getting in a good workout in is wonderful. Each experience is new depending on the location, weather, trains and the people you are with or not. I have been venturing out to try new places recently.

So while taking a weekend trip to SoCal it felt imperative to hit the trails. My sister was on retreat with Tone It Up, you can read about it here. I had a few days to spend with myself reflecting, and trying to enjoy each moment. A good fashion friend Jammie lives here. We met for dinner and she told me all about the different hiking there was to do here. Crystal Cove was only a 10 minute drive, so we made a plan to wake up and go.


There are hardly any words to explain the incredibly gorgeous view we had as we climbed the desert mountains. We chatted as we hiked, had a few great laughs and felt so alive in the moment. I couldn't help but stop to snapchat a few of the sights. The trail level was moderate, about a 3 mile hike. Honestly it is invigorating. The wild flowers are sweet little pleasures along the way. The prickly cactus are like little treasures tucked behind bloders. At the top the world feels so expansive. The ocean in front and the mountains all around. I felt so small yet at the same time so big. Simply incredible.


I see how you can become slightly addicted to traveling around the country and perhaps the world to find these type of adventures. The experience puts you directly in the picture of life. Allowing you to feel each moment and finding the best reward at the top.



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