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Fiji Fit

Fiji water has been my favorite water since, oh I don't know, my whole life. Yes, it's true, all water in not the same and I am extremely picky. So when the opportunity came up to be one of the first to see the new bottle style, I was there. The event held by MomTrends was at Peleton in Chelsea for a cycling class. Which obviosuly gave us a chance to drink lots of water.

When I arrived at Peleton I was excited to give the stationary bikes a try. I always pass the store at The Mall at Short Hills and wonder about them. I walked into the cycling room and could feel the energy. Music was pumping and I hopped on a bike front row.The new bottle style was the perfect size and fit just right into my bike cup holder. I wanted to get the full experience, and let me say, that I did. Cody was our instructor and his energy ( and cuteness) was through the roof. I sat on my bike, clicked my special sneakers into the petals and set the resistance. The music got louder and we were off.

It was a 30 minute intense ride with highs and lows. The cycling was more than just exercise but about feeling the life flowing through you. Heart beating, breath flowing and energy moving from head to toe. Staying hydrated was encouraged and Fiji did just that.

I left the class invigorated and wanting to sign up for another one immediately. We had a lovely little brunch waiting for us after class. I chatted with so many lovely ladies while fueling up on oatmeal and fresh fruit.

I hardly wanted to get back to work after such an amazing start to the morning. Fiji made it all better with a sweet gift bag to leave with and 2 months worth of water. That's not even the best part they are also allowing me to give away 2 months worth of water to one of our LTG readers!


How to Enter:

Follow LTG on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Leave a comment on Instagram letting us know why you must have Fiji water in your life. We will announce the winner by Sept. 15th.

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