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8 Ways to Beat The End of Summer Blue

Ahh September! A month of change. A time when those easy, lazy days/nights of summer start to wind down, kids are going back to school, and folks are getting back to "the grind." We still have a few more weeks (technically) of summer to enjoy, so let's not rush anything. However, if we must get out of vacay mode I've listed some surefire ways to easily bounce back to "real life" mode (because summer is OBVIOUSLY not real life haha) and beat those end of summer blues!

1) Frame a photo Choose some fave snaps from the summer and set your phone or computer background with it. This will help make the transition a bit easier and something nice to gaze at and look back on. 2) Treat yourself to fall trends Nothing can lift your mood quite like shopping for some fall fashions like boots, chunky sweaters, leggings..YASSS. 3) Plan a fall activity Having an event to look forward to is always motivating and helps keep your spirit up. Fall is a great time for the obvious pumpkin and apple picking festivities, but also for visiting a winery or a local museum in your area when the temps start to drop. 4) Be mindful of your immune system Now is the time to get serious about your health. Take preventative measures to avoid a pre-winter or a future winter cold. Kick up your exercise routine, wash your hands, get your Vitamin-C in on the regular! 5) Learn something new It is "back-to-school" after all. Take that language class you have been wanting to learn, try a new yoga class, check out your county's adult community school, it's a great resource to find fun classes and events happening. 6) Organize and declutter Organize your workspace, closets, home, office..etc. Decluttering your space can have wonderful effects on your mental state and your life in general. For more information on how to declutter (yes, there are specific ways) and the many benefits, check out the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. 7) Go on a date Take yourself out to get that first pumpkin spice latte or make plans with a friend for lunch, catch a movie with your significant other or anything else that you fancy. 8) Prioritize a list of tasks Prioritizing can help you feel centered, at peace, and comfortable with your new fall activities and responsibilities. I hope some of these tips help you move into the autumn season with ease.

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