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Sweet Love Treats

We all know Valentine's Day is for flowers and chocolates but what if those chocolates were Mochi dipped? I found the ultimate indulgence from Mochidoki. It is a New York brand that will deliver right to your doorstep.

The Valentin'e Day mochi are even sweeter with 2 collections, including heart shapes. The “Love You Mochi Much” Collection, taking a cue from the popular Valentine’s Day gift of chocolate covered strawberries. It is four-pieces of strawberry mochi ice cream, featuring two limited edition heart-shaped pieces. Each is hand-dipped and drizzled with dark chocolate for the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. The “Love at First Bite” Collection is a chocolate lovers dream. Featuring Mochidoki’s signature four-piece Americana flavor collection; each piece of mochi ice cream is hand-dipped in decadent dark or white chocolate and elegantly decorated with drizzled milk chocolate. The best is they are so affordable fro $15. I'm so not sharing mine.


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