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Sparkly Rosé Wines For the Summer

Tis the season for rosé. Of course you can drink rosé wine year round, but you might notice that rosé is front and center at your local wine shop. Rosè is one of the most popular wines during the spring and summer months. It’s so popular it’s known to sell out in particular hot spots.

Since the summer is almost here, it’s time to pop some bottles to celebrate amazing weather and good times. Get your apartments and summer homes stocked with some of these bottles of bubbles:

This winery started as a love story between Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon.

The medium- sized champagne house is still family-owned and makes delicious bottles of bubbles.

This rosé gives off the aromas of strawberries, citrus, and pears. Billecart-Salmon’s goal is to make champagne that pairs well with food. Have this wine with your fish, burgers, barbeque, veggies, or simply sip as you luxuriate by the pool.

If you want an affordable sparkling wine look no further than this one. Freixenet is one of the top cava producers in Catalunya. If you see rosasdo it just means that it’s a rosé wine from Spain.

This wine has a nice flirty kick to it when it hits the tongue. It’s fruity with a touch of spice. Since the cava is made in the same method as champagne, there are some nice bubbles in the bottle. Great for When you brunch or entertaining.

This sexy rosé is a crémant from Burgundy. Think of crémant as champagne’s little sister. However it is made in the same method so it is pretty darn good.

JBC No.69 has its name for a reason. It’s a good go to rosé when you are spending time with a special someone or catching up on juicy details with your girl squad. It has crisp flavors but sensual on the tongue. You may need more than one bottle of this one!

This is one of this coolest champagnes that you have never heard off. They call themselves “The Sensation” and once you taste it you will know why. The rosé is a beautiful salmon color with aromas of summer fruits and a touch of floral notes.

Once you try this champagne, it is very likely that you will fall in with it. A bottle of Besseret could be your secret weapon during the summer.

Have G. H. Mumm Champagne dreams but you would rather spend more money on shoes? You can still get your Mumm on if you grab a bottle of Mumm Napa rosé instead. You could actually get a few bottles of this and still come out on top.

The Mumm Napa winery is connected to GH Mumm and follows their French tradition in its winemaking. This California rosé is the thrill of summer in a bottle. With fabulous fruity aromas and a hint of floral, it can be paired easily with most meals. Taste fancy yet easy on the credit card.


Yolanda Shoshana is a Witch, Lifestyle Expert, Wine Concierge, and Writer. You can find her at

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