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From Walking the Treadmill to Deadlifts

So I have always gone to the gym since H.S. But my workouts rarely involved lifting any type of weight. I was always terrified of "bulking up." Definitely 100 percent did not want that. I have nothing against it but it's just not for me. I wanted to simply stay toned. About 2 years ago I decided to give a new trainer a try after a few other unsuccessful attempts. It's funny how important it is for someone to "get" you and what you are looking to achieve with you body.

( To watch click here)

I talked to my now trainer Andrew, about what I wanted. I had very specific criteria and goals, funny, now, when I think back to my requests. I didn't want any muscle to really show, I didn't want to get BIG, I said I DON'T like to sweat, and I was really not into much cardio. Haha, fun times for a trainer, right. He basically made me realized I DID want some muscle to show, but in all the right places for a girl. Sweating is apparently part of the program regardless, but to this day I still tell him I don't want to. Cardio is not just running and eating right (which was the easy part), food is a huge part of the program. When you find someone who is intelligent and truly understands the body they can mold YOU specifically into great shape.

Needless to say it's 2 years later and I am still training with him, even after he left the gym I went to for another. I am beyond thrilled with the results and from the video he posted on instagram, I can't believe I am actually doing a 135 lb deadlift, what!! I don't even know.

We just started doing cleans this past month (I never would have even used that word for working out, up to a month ago) and I'm learning this type of cardio is way different than what I have ever known. When I showed my sister the video she made me realized how much of a change I made in my mind and body. She laughed and said, "Who would have thought the girl who went to the gym once a week and walked on the treadmill, would be here showing me yourself doing a deadlift." Quite ironic i'd say.

If you live in Jersey or want an amazing trainer you can follow Andrew, he's finally on instagram or message me on instagram/ facebook and I'll give you his deets.

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