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Kenzo Loves Britney

Photo Credit Peter Lindbergh

She is iconic, a star in the eyes of many young girls like myself back when Britney arrived on the scene. I actually remember watching her "Hit Me Baby One More Time" video and thinking this girl is going to be huge. Here we are, many years later and she is killing it again at the fashion game.

Kenzo, the well know designer brand is collaborating with Britney Spears on their La Collection Memento N°2 campaign #KenzoLovesBritney and she looks incredible. Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, ehmm he photographed the British Vogue cover with Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Tatiana and Christy, basically launching them all to supermodel status. There entire collection concept, Kenzo, Peter and Britney, coming together is based around icons we still admire today.

Kenzo said the collection staring Britney was inspired by the 1986 Paris runway debut of KENZO Jean, "Britney is certainly an icon and the quintessential queen of denim." It makes complete sense. I mean I know we all recall her and Justin Timberlakes denim on denim couple style and the American Music Awards. If she is not the Queen I don't know who is.

Her Kenzo, denim on denim on denim look is a mix of booty shorts and a cropped, slightly oversized denim jacket with lace up, way over the knee, wedge boots. There are subtle touches of red popping from the overall look. Her blonde locks look perfect under the matching denim baseball cap. We want to know would you be daring enough to wear it?

It is safe to say we officially want ever piece in the collection. Starting with the baseball cap, totally stealing it. Britney is head to toe giving it to us in palm print, from the crop top and matching bottoms to denim trench and green sweatshirt. She is channeling "Slave 4 U" and we love it. Heart Brit Brit!

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