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Designer Shoe Tips From a Shoe Obsessed Girl

I can't exactly say when I really became obsessed with buying shoes. Probably for ever if you ask my parents. I love anything pretty, high and sparkly. I remember my mom had these satin pair of pastel heels that I wished were my size when I was 10. They had a matching clutch to go with them and I thought they were everything!

Over the years I gradually got into buying more designer pairs mixed in with more affordable brands like Schutz and Zara. I'd say I treat them all the same regardless of price. They make me happy to just look at. When I walk down the street in a sky high pair of neon yellow heels it just makes me feel a little extra smily.

When the latest pair of Christian Louboutin light pink suede pompadour So Kate heels arrives as an early birthday gift to myself, I couldn't wait to open the box. It was packaged to perfection straight from the official Louboutin site. The card inside said it all "We hope you they carry you off on magical days and fanciful nights." that they always do.

I decided it was the perfect time to share some of my shopping tips and how I take care of my shoes. Here in this video I chat all about it.

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