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I Did an Electrified Workout and Burned 600 Calories

So a while back I did a workout with celebrity trainer Mo Elzamor called EMS. It is Electric Muscle Stimulation, a full body training exercise using impulse current. It is literally a 20 minute workout that feels like an hour. It is great for developing strength and muscle. What happens naturally is your brain sends electric impulses through the central nervous system to your muscles to activate them.

This natural effect is intensified with the EMS device to enhance the muscular contractions. Mo adjusted the impulses based on my ability.

The cool part after you "suit-up" it is total body and can burn over 600 calories in 20 minutes. It builds lean muscle and endurance, which is what I needed. I also loved how quick I was in and out. I felt it the next day just like you would a serious long workout with weights and cardio. I am all about trying new workouts and learning ways to keep your body in the best shape always. "Your body can only go as far as your mind takes it." as Mo says.

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