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5 Summer Solstice Colors to Add To Your Wardrobe

The Summer Solstice is June 21st and a perfect time to celebrate in style. It is also the longest day of the year which needs the right outfits for the day in a pretty color.

Fashion designer and founder of beach-apparel company, pitusa, Clara Lago, says it's best to wear colors that imitate the sun on Summer Solstice. "I love to celebrate this sunny day with yellows, oranges, and reds. Any color that the sun evolves into throughout the day. It makes for the perfect backdrop to that beautiful sunset party!"

Founder, Clara Lago, is half English half Spanish. After growin up in London she moved to Miami where she founded pitusa. The Miami-based brand has brick & mortar stores in Miami, Mykonos and Tulum, and can be found in hundreds of specialty stores all over the world. Celebrities like Shakira, Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio have been seen wearing the beachwear brand.

1. Yellow - Pick this sunny kaftan up to shine as bright as the sun! This is great for all body types and does especially well for those who like a maxi-style

2. Orange - This mini sundress shows off your shoulders and legs, but hides your tummy if you're into a looser fit around the waist!

3. Red- If you want to show a little skin this crochet ruffle dress hits the spot!

4. For those who have larger chests, it can be difficult to find a dress that is roomy on the top, yet flirty. Look no further than this baby doll with a fun lemon pattern!

5. Pink and orange - If you want to show off your waist but have a little room in the bottom, this sunset inspired pink and orange prairie dress is the perfect fit for you!


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