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Beauty From the Inside-Out with Regenacol

What’s the quickest method of absorption the body has? Is it a. Inhalation, b. Injection, or c. Ingestion? Despite their popularity, the answer is neither inhalation nor injection. The body’s quickest and most effective absorption route is, indeed, ingestion!

Perhaps this is why all of the leading brands are creating and promoting products with this concept: ingestible beauty. Although it sounds daunting initially, the science behind such products is actually quite intelligent.

For centuries, skincare has been heavily associated with products applied topically, through the slow absorption of the epidermis into its underlying layers. Although effective, ingestion offers beauty from—quite literally—from the inside out.

Try a product that offers all of the ingredients needed to make a good topical skincare product and make it into a drink. Bam! This is ingestible beauty.

Thankfully for all of us skincare lovers, such a product already exists: Regenacol. It includes all of the wonderful skincare components—collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, lycopene, liposomal bovine, colostrum, vitamin C, and zinc—in a simple drinkable form.

Selling for $99.50 for 30-days worth, Regenacol is worth it. Treat your skin—and your beauty—from the inside out!

By Kareena Khubchandani


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