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This Technique with Calm and Balance Your Body

After doing Kundalini yoga for many years, I have learned many different breathing techniques. They each help with different things. Doing this breath called Sitali pranayama will help cool the body and mind. To do sitali breath, you slowly sip air through a rolled tongue (or pursed lips for those who can't roll their tongues). It will counter all that internal heat in the body and bring you back into balance. In Ayurveda this breath is known to soothe a Pitta imbalance.

Some of the other benefits of doing this type of breathing for just a few minutes.

  • Cooling for the body and mind

  • Calming

  • Can help to focus

  • Can help reduce agitation or anger

  • Lowers body temperature

  • Aids in digestion

  • Useful during hot flashes

  • Great during hot weather

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