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Denise's Bio


Denise Del Russo has had beauty on the brain since getting into her mom's makeup bag at the age of 10. From then on Denise would do makeup on anyone that would allow her. Today, Denise has made a career out of it and her goal is to focus on her clients best features and accentuate them. Denise, a skilled, accomplished and ambitious artist is constantly on the hunt for the best products on the market to use on her clients. She started out working with top makeup artists in the industry, freelancing for Bobbi Brown, and assisting on sets of major fashion and beauty shoots alongside some of the best photographers and models. Denise has been featured in national beauty and fitness publications and worked with on-air talent for national television networks.

Through her work & training, Denise gained a knack for classic technique and a familiarity with products to build her expertise. Denise specializes in clean, natural, beauty makeup helping people draw out the best version of their complexion and features.

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