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DIY : Red Lips

Fresh Beetroots

Lately I have been loving a pinky red lip. I never wore bright colors before. I was always more of a muted pale pink lipstick kind of girl. The second I tried a bright color, I feel in love. So when I found this little DIY for red lips using beets (a veggie I adore) I had to give it a try. Plus the coconut oil is so mosturizing, leaving your lips as suptuous as snow whites.

Red Lip Tint

1 Beet

2 tsp coconut oil

1 small lip compact

1/4 cut water

Dice beet and add to 1/4 cup of water let boil until reduces and beets are soft. Strain beet pulp. Let cool mix with coconut oil pour into lip compact for easy lip stain.

PS - For a quick stain dab a q-tip on a fresh cut beet and apply directly to lips for a lasting red pucker.



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