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Dream Job


I think one of the most commonly asked questions growing up is "what is your dream job" or "what do you want to be?" As frequent as the question is, I feel like it should be re-phrased, perhaps to "what is your passion?" or "what would you love to do?" Then, make that your "job." I know I am not the first to say "do what you love" for a living. We have al heard the quote "love what you do and you won't work a day in your life." I just want the words work or job to become synonomys with passion.

Growing up my sister and I had entreprenuerial parents and were prive to this type of thinking. Our father is passionate about his work and taught us to also find what you have eagerness and passion about and do it. Our mother loved to find the beauty in everything from floral print shoes and a matching clutch to fine interior design. We were in a way swayed to pursue our dreams and truly do something we loved.

This type of thinking instilled in children will undoubtably turn into inner happiness. Along the way passions change and we move on to new "jobs" that bring us a feeling of thrill and excitement. In the time we are living in making money come in so many new creative platforms. The digital world has opened up to allow us to mold our dreams into reality and live the glamour.

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