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Sabina Knows


Everyone needs motivation. Sometimes it is not easy going it alone, you need that extra attention, the extra push to take your business or life to the next level. I knew when I started my fashion styling business Bella Dawn after sometime passed, I needed assistance to create more buzz.

I was working with Mastin Kipp of the Daily Love (more on that on another post) for weekly coaching sessions to grow myself personally. At one point I remember saying, "I just want to be happy and successful." He asked, "what would you need to do to define success in your career?" I said, "more TV appreances as a fashion expert." He proceeded to said, "I might just have the PR person to help." I will connect you with, Sabina Ptacin, at the time owner of Red Branch PR, now founder of @SabinaKnows and TinShingle.

Sabina and I connected and immediately started working together. She pitched me left and right to all sorts of media outlets. Within a month I was appearing on morning shows, national TV programs like E! News and radio like Martha Stewart on Sirus. Besides all of the amzing press I was recieving, on a daily basis she sent me motivational quotes and inspirtation to move through the day feeling confident.

It only makes sense that she would create @SabinaKnows. Daily affirmations to live the life you love. As she puts it, " It's time to be the proud owner of a professional life that fulfills you emotionally and finacially. It's time to tap into your true, authentic "Power Self" and begin living like you mean it" and she is there to help.


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