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3D Printed Jewelry American Pearl


We have been hearing the term 3D printing coming up more often lately. I only ever thought of it in terms of techy type products like small parts for equipment. You can only imagine my surprise when I heard about a jewelry company called American Pearl doing 3D printed fine jewelry. Could this really be? I had to see in real life.

When my pretty pink pearl ring arrived in the most lovely box, I opened it excitedly. As I examined it, it was perfect complete with engraving on the inside. I little reminder to "Live the Glamour."

The 3D printing process allows for better quality because of a more precise design. Complex pieces with multiple parts fit perfectly. Rather than having to choose from a limited selection on hand, the choices are endless. The cost and time to complete is also incredible. Eddie Bakhash, CEO explained, " For years I've had a vision of delivering the power of true choice to jewelry customers. But the technology just wasn't ready." Finally with the advances in 3D printing the vision has come to real life.


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