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Top Six Spice Glow-Getters

I want to give you my top six favorite spices and herbs to get your skin glowing and put a halt to the aging process, because "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Spicing up your meals could be the fastest way to boost their beautifying benefits. Here's how.

Top Six Glow-Getters

1. Cloves. Cloves have high antioxidant properties, aid in digestion, and are rich in minerals such as, potassium, phosphorous and Vitamins A & C. You can get cloves crushed or whole. I like to put 5-6 whole cloves in my hot apple cider.

2. Cinnamon. (Who does not love cinnamon?!) This lovely spice alleviates fine lines and wrinkles because it keeps the blood sugar levels steady, preventing insulin spikes that lead to those annoying little aging signs. I sprinkle this spice in my tea or over a sliced Granny Smith apply for a snack. Delish!

3. Nutmeg. Need more sleep? Too little sleep is a fast way to dark circles and lines. Have some nutmeg and get more restful beauty zzz's.

4. Turmeric. If you have any skin flaws that need some healing turmeric may help. It is great for reducing inflammatory pain and speeds up the healing process.

5. Rosemary. If you're happy on the inside, you're beautiful on the outside no matter what! Rosemary is known to boost your mood and memory! Infuse your water pitcher with a few sprigs of rosemary and lemon. Refreshing!

6. Ginger. This is one of my faves! The herb ginger is a proven reliever of muscle aches and pains, reduces appearance of cellulite, improves skin tone and elasticity. Have a daily cup of ginger tea or sprinkle some in your stir fry. Hope you've enjoyed these tips and found them helpful! Get cookin' good lookin'!

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