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The World Needs Your Gift

So, while in the shower one night the idea about what I could write for this month's e-mail update, dawned on me. The idea came from a video I recently watched on Marie Forleo TV (I love Marie btw). Marie speaks a lot about the importance of creating a life that you love and learning what your unique desires and talents are and sharing them with the world. I couldn't agree more with the notion that to create a life you love living every day starts with YOU! Knowing your strengths and offering them to someone in any way is so important to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others around you. Since we are in the month that celebrates Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a great time for us to really think about our own personal gifts and what we could to do to give them to the world. Here is a video that may help guide you in discovering or confirming what your personal gift/s is/are. We were all (believe it or not) brought into this world with special talents and desires that are only true to us. We all have something that someone else needs. It can be anything that delights you, from painting to sowing to cooking to singing to teaching..etc. What makes you light up inside? What would you do if you were living your dream life? After taking a moment to ponder this thought, I'd love to hear about what lights you up! Tweet me!

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