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Kiss and Wear

I am always draw to sweet little necklaces. I am never without one around my neck. For me, usually the smaller the better. When I saw Kiss & Wear adobrable lip necklaces I was excited to get my hands on one. Finding and supporting new brands is a true passion of mine.

Kiss & Wear launched in Fall of 2015 and combines the perfect mix of west coast cool and east coast chic. The name was originally based on owner Katrina Caspelich's fashion and beauty blog, it has since transitioned into the lifestyle accessories brand. Kiss & Wear pieces are designed for the creative carefree type of girl to wear everyday.

As founder of Kiss & Wear, Katrina, wanted to create a collection of fun and attainable accessories meant to be worn, layered and lived in. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years -- as a model, editor, and publicist -- the idea to create Kiss & Wear happened organically. Katrina’s creations celebrate her love of California and New York style. Having lived in San Diego, NYC, and most recently, San Francisco, each piece is named for local areas that has inspired it. The Laurel necklace was my pick after debating for a bit over The Newport.



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