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Celebrities 7 Day Billboard Awards Red Carpet Prep

Celebs have already started their prep for the Billboard Awards this weekend and I have all the insider secrets. It's not an easy job but somebody's got to do it. The stars that will be shining bright this weekend for the Billboard Awards, started up to 7 days before the actual walk down the carpet.

Starting 7 days before its all about an amazing facial. The benefits are cleaning, increased circulation, and anti-aging, but also to help relax and encourage a peaceful mind. A facial at least 7 days prior is essential to prevent from looking puffy or red from the intense treatments. Kate Somerville is a celeb favorite to visit in LA while Mario Badescu is a hot spot in NYC.

6 days out, whitening teeth are a must with all the smiling for cameras celebs use everything from at home whitening devices to in office treatments. Maintenance is key to showing up the day of the event with super bright pearly whites.

5 days to the red carpet the cellulite buffing and fat freezing begins both in office techniques like coolsculpting, eliminate lumps and bumps and tones flab instantly. This is just the right amount of time for celebs to get their legs into shape and dimple free for tight dresses and high slits. The key is it increases blood flow and exfoliates to plump skin and soften skin to reveal an improved appearance.

3 days closer to the Day, celebs totally cut carbs before the big day. Diet is key they go mostly green with veggies since they fill you up with practically zero calories. J Lo goes for the broth as her mid day snack to fill up, warming simple veggie or chicken broth and eating as a soup. Many celebs swear by cutting out the alcohol a few days before to prevent bloating and a puffy face. Finally prunes are a go to to prevent bloating and aid in digestion days before a red carpet event.

The day before, stars head to the salon for manicures/pedicures.To be sure their are no chips and perfectly glossy nails and toes celebs go with gel polish. This ensures a clean manicure so when the camera's zoom in hands look younger, and cuticles are shaped.

On the big day its all about eating right, egg whites, half of a grapefruit, and a cup of green tea. Eating egg whites provides protein to feel full longer through the day. The grapefruit has fiber and good carbs that speed up metabolism so tummy looks flatter, while high in enzymes that burn fat. Green tea also has enzymes that actually dissolve fat and stimulate metabolism for the whole day, this equals burning more calories to fit in the dress! Smoothies the day of a also popular now like peanut butter and banana with a little protein powder, this has healthy fat and fiber to give energy for the day.

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