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A Taste Experience at Common Lot

I have been wanting to try a place in Millburn, NJ called Common Lot for a while now. I checked out the menu online and it was intriguing. The idea that it is an open kitchen also got me. I love when you can see what they are cooking. I decided to give it a try for lunch. I know dinner is always the star meal, but figured, if they can get lunch right, I would certainly go back for dinner.

It was a small concise menu with an Asian flare. We started with the compressed watermelon. It was infused with ponzu and minty flavor. I could have eaten a large bowl of it. Then came the crab salad. I'm not the biggest fan of mayo so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived table side, simply, with fresh crab. Flavors of cilantro, thai basil and citrus popped in my mouth. Edible purple flowers were a delightful finishing touch.

Each dish is relatively small but filling. We then had the shaved zucchini with pine nuts and prosciutto crumbs. It was thinly sliced and rolled up drizzled with a soy buttermilk. There was enough flavor, that I barely needed the buttermilk, but it was only a minimal amount. To finish was the steak taco's, which were absolutely delicious. The steak was as tender as can be. Pickled cucumber and sour cream in the soft taco shell brought it all together in the most savory way.

I am more than ready for a trip back for dinner. The taste experience and kitchen ambiance is calling me to return.

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