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I Took A Restaurant "Food" Tour in New Jersey

I travel all over New Jersey and will go far and wide for a great restaurant. Going to the city often I pass through Fort Lee but have rarely stopped to eat there. I was excited to find out they were doing Fort Lee Restaurant Week since it would be the perfect way to discover new places, and that I did. There are over 48 participating restaurants in this incredible tour!

It turns out Fort Lee is a hidden gem, at least to me, for great unique eating experiences. The tour was lead by 6 distinctive chefs, David Burke, Josh Capon, PJ Calapa, Dale Talde, Leah Cohen, and Justin Smillie. I was able to chat quickly with each of them at the beginning of the night. I learned about their first endeavors into the culinary world and where they are headed now. From cookbooks to locations in Miami, they are all on incredibly successful journeys. After speaking with them all we took some pictures and began the tour.

It started at Biaggio’s with delicious not so classic pizza pies. Deciding which ones to try was the hardest part. I, of course, had to try the traditional pie but then went in for a slice of the Milanese, which is breaded chicken, arugula on top of the pizza. I’m going back to this place for more. If you are in the mood for a nice slice with toppings you will crave, this is the spot.

The second stop at Dong Bang Grill was something I am not as familiar with, Korean BBQ. The atmosphere was like stepping into the Asian culture and felt completely authentic. The “Gui” grilled dishes were exceptionally fresh and served to cook in front of us with a special grill built into the tables. I tasted the perfectly marbled beef short ribs, a must try if you go. I loved interactive places like this. It’s perfect for a Friday night out.

Right across the street, we walked to the third place which was one of my favorites, a little Mediterranean tasting at It’s Greek To Me. I have been here before at the Long Branch location and it is always delightful. The hummus and salad is definitely a go to, but I tried, for the first time shrimp with tomato and feta, so tasty. They brought out a huge lamb shank over orzo, the presentation alone was spectacular but the flavors were even more divine. The best part is how family friendly it is, so kiddies can enjoy too.

Next up was a feast, to say the least, a two in one place for JD’s Steak Pit and The Boiling Pot upstairs. It is always fun to find a themed style place to try out. The tables were set with brown paper, aprons, and plastic gloves so we knew we were in for something wild. We had every choice of sauce to try as they brought out a tray practically the size of the table with all types of BBQ’d meats, accompanied by coleslaw, corn on the cob and pickles. Then a steaming hot “bag” of seafood from The Boiling Pot. My eyes widened as everyone dug in. This is the place to head to when you are ready to eat with good friends.

The final stop, I knew just walking up to it I needed to try, was City Perch Kitchen and Bar. It is part of iPic which by the way you can do dinner and a movie at, how fun. The cool, modern vibe totally got me feeling like I needed a chic cocktail to go with the elevated American style comfort food. The loaded baked potato croquettes are everything you can imagine. We had to complete the night with something sweet, and indulged in the ultimate chocolate chip cookies, I wanted to sneak a few in my bag to go.

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