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Credo Beauty First to Create Genderless Skincare Brand

Credo Beauty the ultimate source for skincare, makeup, and simple all natural beauty products has collaborated with The Brand For All Humans, Non Gender Specific (NGS). NGS broke the mold with their simple idea that skincare products don’t have to be so rigidly defined, and backed up that promise with their Everything Serum, a one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind serum that addresses every major skin concern and delivers fresh, radiant skin across the gender spectrum.

Credo is known for having the highest safety and sustainability standards in beauty industry. They emphasize clean products with non-­‐toxic ingredients, which means that beauty and self-­‐care can be fun, easily accessible, and harmless. NGS, with simple ingredients and a streamlined approach to skincare, easily made the cut. “Our customers have been asking for more products suitable for men, and Non Gender Specific’s tagline, ‘the brand for all humans,’ checked that box,” Michelle Connelly, Credo’s Director of Merchandising and Planning, explained.

“Skincare can be difficult to navigate with so many products on the market, so we love that the Everything Serum is easy to understand and direct about the skincare concerns it addresses. It also has tons of powerful ingredients like algae, mushroom, caffeine, and pine bark, so it’s a great multifunctional product for anyone.” Non Gender Specific intentionally chose to launch their brand with the 100% natural and vegan Everything Serum because, in addition to being formulated for everybody, it also does nearly everything. Having one powerful serum that moisturizes, brightens and firms skin, reduces pore size and improves elasticity means fewer products to buy and less waste in the world.

NGS and Credo share the same belief in clean beauty and an ever-­‐widening definition of who that beauty is for. NGS will roll out future boundaryless beauty products, including more additions to their skincare line and a gender-­‐neutral fragrance.

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